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  1. by   marisar
    I haven't heard anything semester starts in a month! Let us know when u hear anything. I'll do the same.
  2. by   ViktoriaSecret
    Hey Guys!!!

    I sent Nick (advisor) an email this morning asking for updates and I also told him to let me know if I could still make it for the summer semester coz I'm planning to register for classes in a community college.

    Waiting for the result is killing me...

    I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear back from him.

    Thanks ajconne ... lucky you getting ready to register already
  3. by   jade18
    I will let you all know if I hear anything too!
    Thanks for the updates!
  4. by   marisar
    Jade18 and viktoriasecret,
    I just received an email from my counselor. She said we should have an answer by Tuesday the 12th. More waiting
  5. by   jade18
    Thanks for the update Marisar! This is going to be a long weekend! Tuesday can't come soon enough! Lol
  6. by   ViktoriaSecret
    < still waiting >

    finally, I spoke with my advisor and he said the last day for the committee to review the application would be on Tuesday, June 19th. So summer semester is open. He said there's just a lot of applicants thats why it's taking it forever. oh well!

    Hopefully we'll hear something from them soon.

  7. by   jade18
    Oh no! June 19th?!? That's cutting it close to the July 9th start date! Hopefully we find out before then.
  8. by   dng27
    Hey there!
    I am also waiting to hear about the July 9th start date! Orientation is in 8 days and I can't believe some of us haven't heard anything!

    My advisor e-mailed me on may 31st and told me that we were just waiting on the official decision from the admittance committee. I still haven't heard anything and am going STIR CRAZY WAITING keeping my phone glued to my hand!

    Has anyone heard anything yet? I can't believe they are reviewing applications all the way until the 19th! Maybe for some of us we just wont know until the night before orientation = /

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Hope we all find out sooner rather than later and we are all there July 9th!
  9. by   jade18
    Hi dng27!

    I haven't heard anything yet! Still playing the waiting game. And I know the feeling... My phone hasn't left my side for the past 2 weeks and I'm going crazy! I had NO idea that orientation was so soon! Hoping we all find out soon!
  10. by   ViktoriaSecret
    Same here... I kept on checking my email... I hope they'll let us know soon... When is the orientation ?
  11. by   dng27
    I believe the 20th of June, but when I think about it I cant remember why I think its that day!

    My advisor usually e-mails or contacts me on thursdays, didn't hear anything last week hopefully tomorrow!
  12. by   dng27
    Im in ! i heard this morning! Hope you all hear soon too!
  13. by   jade18
    That's great dng27! Congrats! I still haven't heard yet. When did you apply?