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Challenge RN NCLEX

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I was wondering if anyone knows of a state or anyplace that a Paramedic can challenge the RN Nclex? I know someone who has been a Paramedic for years and would like to challenge it.

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No. You need to have graduated from an accredited nursing program to sit for NCLEX.

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Navy medics could challenge the NCLEX in California back in the late 90's when I lived there. I worked with one. I wonder how you'd find out which states allow such a thing? Good luck, though. My only concern (and it may not be particularly valid) is that 'nursing', as a culture, is obviously very different than emergency medic type culture. It would be a bit of a culture shock needless to say, your whole frame of reference would need to shift out of emergency mode. I'm sure you could manage this, but it would be like being thrown in the water and told to swim and you'd struggle and over-dramatize emergent situations and eventually calm down and go with the flow. If you chose a specialty like ICU, flight nursing or ER nursing you'd have a pretty smooth transition, but still, it would be a significant 'cultural' transition. You'd be biting your lips and sitting on your hands A LOT :D

Not usually, but check on your state's BON website. In California, there are exam challenges (and not sure if Medic is one of them) but it allows for employment in CA only as I understand it.

There are also bridge programs available.

Medics and RN's are 2 entirely different things. Hence why any number of medics choose to go PA route as opposed to nursing. Different theories, different directives. It may seem very much the same, but very different. As both a nurse and an EMT, it was eye-opening as to the differences. And there was many.

As a medic, your friend may find they can complete a great deal of coursework to be done in a relatively short amount of time. just on past practice There may be some schools that give credit for any number of things. The NCLEX is a great deal of protocol, and additionally, medications that a Medic is not used to. The nursing practice/theory is not the same. What a medic is trained to do is very different than what a nurse is trained to do.

Best wishes to your friend.

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Navy medics could challenge the NCLEX in California back in the late 90's when I lived there. I worked with one.
Military medics and nursing assistants with specific experience are permitted to challenge the NCLEX-PN to become LVNs in California via method 3.

However, no state board of nursing in the US allows any type of applicant to challenge the NCLEX-RN to become a registered nurse. Even California LVNs who do not wish to earn a degree in nursing must complete a 30-credit hour transition program at an approved school of nursing to attain eligibility to take NCLEX-RN. Also, RNs in CA who attain licensure in this manner are unable to receive licensure by endorsement in other states due to their nongraduate status.

All state boards of nursing require applicants to have completed an approved nursing program to become eligible to take NCLEX-RN and obtain licensing as an RN. If this has changed, please cite some reputable sources to disprove my assertion.