Cervical Ripening

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Maybe she was a TOLAC? Then cytotec would be contraindicated....could still use foley bulb, though.

I see many ridiculous reasons for inductions all of the time, and I see many failed inductions as well. Sad, really. Many women don't even know why they are being induced.

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In my case, she was sixteen and having her first baby, so she definitely wasn't a TOLAC. Thanks for the responses, everyone. It's interesting to see the variations in practice around the country. I continue to be grateful that I work at a facility that does not do any elective inductions of labor.



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Really? I work at two different hospitals and both do 39 week inductions on the regular.

There has has been talk that Medicaid is going to stop paying for elective inductions but I have no idea if that is true or not.

i am wondering where you all are from that don't do elective inductions (which I think is awesome I just can't believe it!!). I'm in the Midwest.

As as far as cytotec vs Pit, some providers do cytotec if they are unfavorable and some go straight to Pit.

my personal opinion is that if you have to have cervical ripening on an elective induction you shouldn't be allowed to be induced. I was on a committee last year for reducing our NTSV c/s rate and primips with an initial Bishop of less than 8 that were less than 40 weeks had something like a 50% c/s rate. It might have been higher- my stats sheet is at home.