Whose going where?

  1. Greetings. I don't post a lot but did want to share that I was accepted into Mountain States program for January...anyone else? I live here in WV so it will be great for me. Just wandering where everyones going. Love this site...very helpful.
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  3. by   ArnieRNRRT

    Congrat's..........I'll be right with you at Mountain State. Can't wait to begin. Do you have any info about the A/P exam we have to take before the start of class??
  4. by   Sleepy 7
    Arnie and ivy,
    I just interviewed at Mt State , enjoyed the interview.
    I would like to know what your thoughts were on the school and why you finally said "ok I like this program/school"
    I was just wondering Any input would be great , thanks

    oh and congrats :hatparty:
  5. by   JenSICU_CCRN
    i interviewed the same day that james did, and i am interested in the answers to james' questions. why msu? did you apply to any other programs, etc? i too work in wv (huntington) and it is a convenient program as far as that goes, but what about the fact that it is new and has no pass percentage rates on boards? that is what is bothering me at this point. i also haven't applied to any other programs except this one, and might also apply to camc. i have yet to take my gre (october 16th), but my gpa is 3.8 and i have a graduate gpa of 4.0, 3+ years of sicu experience at a trauma hospital, ccrn certified....i just don't know. i'm having buyers remorse i guess-lol.

    sorry for all the rambling.

  6. by   schoolgirl2006
    Hi there! I'm not going to Mt State, but I will start the program none the less! Minnesota State Community and Technical College, Detroit Lakes Campus. My long wait is just about over!!! Best of luck to you all...! Lord Bless
  7. by   JenSICU_CCRN
    not trying to sound rude or anything schoolgirl, but they have crna programs at community colleges in minnesota? or are you talking about going to nursing school? just questions? the crna program is a master's prepared anesthetist that is already a rn. if you are talking about nursing school then good luck and if you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail anytime. i'm in the process of applying to crna school, but i am also a part time nursing clinical instructor at my alma mater, marshall university.

  8. by   Just a CRNA
    The confusion may be regarding CNA vs. CRNA.
  9. by   schoolgirl2006
    LOL...Sorry!! Wasn't paying attention as I carelessly drifted through the many posts!! No...plain ol' nursing school at the moment...but planning on moving up in the world once I graduate. Congrats to everyone and good luck!!!!!
  10. by   JenSICU_CCRN
    no big deal...i was just momentarily lost-lol. good luck in all you do, and it isn't 'just' nursing school. nursing is great, and hard to get into programs...i love being a nurse and would recommend it to anyone. if you need anything...holla' at me.

  11. by   1treasa
    Hey there,

    I am a new CRNA student and a mom of 3 kids, looking to see if there are any others to see how they balanced school and parenthood. Advice welcome,
  12. by   skipaway
    Quote from 1treasa
    Hey there,

    I am a new CRNA student and a mom of 3 kids, looking to see if there are any others to see how they balanced school and parenthood. Advice welcome,
  13. by   ArnieRNRRT

    For me the decision was very simple....I have always dreamed of becoming a CRNA.....but moving my family has never been a option. I cannot leave my family for 28 - 30 months and attend school. So when I discovered the MSU program I found some hope of making my dream come true. This coupled with the fact that they actually accepted me were my deciding factors. I realize the program is new and no stat's exist related to pass rates but, the program director is not new. He is a respected educator and practitioner. I have spoken to a couple current students and feel very satisfied that this program will provide a quality education. I do have some reservations about the entire process (not working, going into a huge debt) but anything worth having never comes easily.
    I did not apply to any other programs, as I cannot relocate and am unwilling to leave my family for the lenght of time it would take to complete a more traditional program.
    I wish you both the best of luck in finding a program that is right for you...and who knows if it turns out to be MSU...maybe we will be classmates someday..
    TAke care
  14. by   JenSICU_CCRN
    hey arnie...thanks for your thoughts...i will keep you all posted as to when i hear anything. james and i have e-mailed back and forth this weekend as we had not heard anything so we are thinking tomorrow or the next day.