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  1. Just a CRNA

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    Nurse anesthesia certification is not overseen by NCLEX.
  2. Just a CRNA

    Any Navy CRNA's out there?

    Not wanting to cast aspersions, but the USN&WR ranking is not based on any form of objective data. The ratings are based on surveys sent to program directors, not unlike the coaches' polls in football rankings. This ranking was computed in January of the year cited, based on data from a survey sent out in the fall of the previous year. A survey sent to program directors and deans of those programs leaves a lot of room for subjectivity. Since this data was computed in January 2007 gathered from a survey sent in the fall of 2006, it is also less than current. Here is a list taken from the AANA website in 2008 showing the accreditation periods granted to each program. These time frames were based on objective data which included site visits and a thorough review of student case numbers, graduation rates, pass rates, and overall program administration by the COA. I submit that this list (roughly in alphabetical order from the website) has a little more credibility. Also note that the 3 and 4 year accreditation periods may be provisional, given to new schools awaiting their first formal accreditation cycle. In editing, I've added the USNWR rating to schools who received less than a ten year accreditation by the COA. 10 Years: Albany Medical College Allegheny Valley Baylor Boston College Bryan LGH Carolinas/UNCC Cleveland Clinic Columbia Crozier Decatur/Bradley Samford Drexel Duke East Carolina Evanston/Northwestern Excela Fairfield/Bridgeport Case Western Skemp LaSalle Gooding Gannon St Raphael's Kaiser LSU Mayo Clinic MUSC Memorial/Rhode Island Minneapolis Mt. Marty Navy Nurse Corps Nazareth New Britain Northeastern UAB Oakland/Beaumont Raleigh Rush St. Mary's Samuel Merritt St. Elizabeth's St. John's St. Joseph's TCU Akron Iowa Michigan/Flint Tennessee Knoxville Tennessee Chattanooga Tennessee Memphis Truman US Army GPAN USUHS Cincinnati Detroit Mercy Kansas Maryland Pitt Penn North Dakota U Southern Cal U South Carolina UT Houston VCU Wake Forest Wayne State Webster Wyoming Valley 8 Years: Arkansas State #77 Barry #78 Charleston Area MC #42 Georgetown #7 Barnes #31 Middle Tennessee #69 Newman #65 Sacred Heart/Spokane #74 SIU/Edwardsville #82 Minnesota #49 U of New England #50 6 Years: Florida International MC Georgia #63 Midwestern Old Dominion #56 Texas Wesleyan Trover #74 4 Years: Inter-American Florida Hospital SUNY Harlem Our Lady of Lourdes Mountain State Michigan State Rosalind Franklin Union SUNY Buffalo #18 UMD/New Jersey U Puerto Rico West Carolina Wolford York #86 3 Years: Thomas Jefferson #73 U of North Florida Florida Gulf Coast Mercer #80 Oregon Health Our Lady of the Lake #81 U of South Florida Miami Westminster
  3. Just a CRNA

    Army/navy Reserve

    If you are considering joining the military solely for financial reasons, please don't. Over a long career, I've seen quite a few very miserable individuals who followed that pathway. Our local Army Reserve recruiter always tells the anesthesia students who are considering accepting a commission that they have a close to 100% of being mobilized and deployed in the first year following graduation. This is true even if, God forbid, you do not finish the anesthesia program. I have nothing but the highest regard for those who join the military for altruistic and patriotic reasons...please look long and hard at your own personal reasons.
  4. Just a CRNA

    Mountain State turnover

    Heard that there has been a major turnover in leadership at MSU. How are things going there??
  5. Just a CRNA

    TCU aug. 08

    I was there today, and yesterday, and the day before... :wink2:
  6. Just a CRNA

    TCU aug. 08

    Are any of you tadpoles assigned to Decatur for clinicals?
  7. There may be more misinformation in this thread than any other I've read in this forum. First of all, there is a huge difference between a clinical doctorate (such as a DNP) and a research doctorate (such as a PhD). It's WAY more than just semantics. I have some experience with TCU's program, so I am a little more familiar with their process. That program will continue to offer an MSNA (59 didactic hours) for the foreseeable future. At the end of 28 months, you will graduate with a master's degree, be eligible for board certification, and can obtain employment as a nurse anesthestist. Once certified, you will most likely be grandfathered through any future entry level educational requirements. That was the case when programs migrated from certificate/bachelor's preparation to master's degrees as the minimum entry level. TCU already has a free standing DNP track for CRNAs and other master's prepared nurse practitioners who want to return for that education. If you are a CRNA, this additional track consists of 18 classroom hours and 6 hours of an advanced clinical project. The 18 hours can be done in one year, taking 2 courses each in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Nurse practitioners who are not CRNAs have to complete 6 additional hours of clinical practicum along with the 18 class hours and 6 hours of project. Now, as far as time committment...current programs are in the range of 28 to 30 months; some as low as 24 months, some as many as 36. Clinical doctorates will average about 36 months from start to finish, so when programs drop the master's tracks and adopt the DNP as a preparatory degree for practice, you can expect all programs to expand to approximately 36 months. There is no way TCU or any other program will be able to sustain a 5 year degree plan, nor would they want to. Feel free to check the website: www.harriscollege.tcu.edu for additional info.
  8. Just a CRNA

    TCU vs. TWU

    TCU's Class of 2007 had a 100% first time pass rate on boards. Second year in a row.
  9. Just a CRNA

    Am I the only one??

    You're not the only one...and the end is in sight. Hang in there...the exhilaration of being done, being an advanced practice provider, and enjoying the lifestyle that comes as a reward for all your hard work cannot be put into words. You are 29, but the decisions you make now and the success you create now will affect FunGirl at age 39, 49, 59, and so on. You can do it. As a wise old lab instructor once said, "Every now and then you need to take a step back and congratulate yourself for making the decision to come into the anesthesia profession. You made a great chioce." At least, I think that's what he said. :wink2:
  10. Just a CRNA

    I'm in... with one year experience

    You are quoting from an anesthesia student handbook. The statement suggests that merely striving for minimum clinical standards as an anesthesia student breaks with the tradition of nurse anesthesia. No one will deny that as a clinical student you should strive to get well more than the minimum 450 anesthestics. There are dozens of clinical "minimums" that one should try to exceed. The OP, however, was talking about standards to be accepted into a program. If the Council feels that 1 year of experience prior to entry into a program is satisfactory, then that's the rule. If it wasn't satisfactory, then they would require more. I've been a member of several boards of admission, and can tell you that many applicants with 1-2 years of experience make dandy anesthetists, while some with 10-20 years of experience are so hide-bound that they can't function without rules. Making final determinations are left up to committees for this very reason. One must review a lot of variables before deciding for or against a candidate...and his committee saw things that impressed them in a favorable way. I suggest everyone let this go and find some bigger fish to fry. Just
  11. Just a CRNA

    BS to RN to CRNA...more difficult than I thought?

  12. Just a CRNA

    Aana & Tcu

    AANA membership is not covered by tuition. You will pay for that separately, in the amount of $100.00.
  13. Just a CRNA

    I'm in... with one year experience

    The AANA doesn't require any ICU experience, they require one year of critical care experience. Critical thinking is the desired end state, and that can be achieved in areas other than ICU. Certainly, most applicants come from an ICU background, but don't be such an elitist to think that's the only acceptable preparatory unit. I agree with the previous poster when she said that there is a great deal of leveling as you progress through an anesthesia program. Personally, I had zero time in ICU or CCU prior to the start of my program, and somehow I've managed to forge a successful career that has surpassed two decades. Good luck to the OP, you've hooked onto a great ride. Just
  14. Just a CRNA


    Yes it will.
  15. Just a CRNA

    Baylor anyone?

  16. Just a CRNA

    How valuable is community service?

    As long as it wasn't court-ordered, I should think it would be a defininte plus.

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