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Just checking to see what members of the board will be starting school in the next couple of months. Or, who has already been going part-time but is starting full-time? I am done with bedside... Read More

  1. by   blucas
    I am from Georgia now living in lovely Fort Worth, Texas. I am starting TWU in a little less than two weeks. I am just working on my tennis game and doing some leisure reading and I do mean leisure.

    See you guys soon
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  2. by   CorpusRN
    Starting in two weeks @ UT-Houston. I spent the summer taking nurs stats and nurs theory to lighten my course load for the fall...I hope it pays off!!

    Good Luck everyone!

  3. by   megmermaid
    sandman you have a PM
  4. by   mbrian46
    I will actually start in January in PA at Hamot Med. anesthesia program. I just found out but still very anxious and excited. I don't know if I should study now or do what most everyone else is doing...........RELAXING. Best of luck to everyone starting this fall.
  5. by   nilepoc
    goog luck to everyone, and by all means, stop lurking.

  6. by   Athlein
    So, at this point, there are thirteen of us getting ready to start in the months to come in at least seven different schools.
    Admittedly, school will be soon take over our existences and we will be busier than we imagined. Why don't we try to post updates every so often, though? I have decided that trying to talk to the second-year students is too depressing. If they paint an accurate portrait of their experiences, we have a long, tough, ugly slog ahead of us! Maybe it is better to get a sense of perspective from other students at the same point in other programs.

    Dan Rather (yes, the TV newsanchor) once said, "If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all". Pretty deep for a guy that spent so much time on his hairdo, but it does provide an interesting insight...

    Enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone!

    And, PG, points well taken! Morgan and Mikhail was just shelved for the remainder of the summer.
  7. by   Passin' Gas
    And, PG, points well taken! Morgan and Mikhail was just shelved for the remainder of the summer.
    Glad to hear (or rather, read) it! That book will be well worn soon enough.

    Good luck in school!

  8. by   g8rlimey
    I am starting @ VCU in about 1 week--charles_thor will be a classmate. I haven't read sh*t, which feels great but I still have that nagging desire to go ahead and break the books out; but I am enjoying my freedom and the choice to sleep late and not do a DAMN thing with my day. Just moved to Richmond, and am enjoying the 2nd largest restaurant population per capita (2nd to SF!). Just getting home tonite from drinks in the Fan...Can't wait to start school though.
    Good luck to those of you that are starting. It is a wise choice that we made and ten years from now we will be extremely thankful for the freedom this profession has afforded us....
  9. by   Passin' Gas
    It is a wise choice that we made and ten years from now we will be extremely thankful for the freedom this profession has afforded us....
    A close friend of mine graduated from MCV in 1993. Loved/hated the program....it is a rigorous program that provides a great education and skills to practice as a competent provider when you are done. It's a tough program, as I believe all nurse anesthesia programs are.

    Hang in there, it certainly is worth it as g8rlimey pointed out.

    Good luck to everyone, it truly will be worth it!

  10. by   meandragonbrett
    Oh ! You all have me excited! I'm starting school in the fall....but not CRNA school. It's something though! Good luck everybody !!!!

  11. by   g8rlimey

    I remember that excitement very well, good luck to you as well.
  12. by   SproutRN
    I started at Samford University (B'ham, AL) this past Monday and I am going FULL speed. I am taking Biochemistry, Gross Anatomy, Pharmacology and Scientific Thought (aka, Fluff 501).
    I have 17 other class members and we all look like deer in headlights! :-)

    To all of you getting ready to start this fall--don't read school books, take a nice break before the fun begins! Trust me.

    It is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done, but I think I am going to love it!

  13. by   alansmith52
    I also am awaiting the meeting of all of you at twu on the 18th. I moved here to FT. Worth in DEC becuase I was so excited to get here and get settled. I have since purchased a domicile with a studio apt attached if any of you are intrested. I bought my books at majors a couple of days ago. I have read one chapter of chem but I think I will give it up and hope it just comes to me later. I hope you have all been by to see our glorious, brand new edifice. I am nervous and excited. If I think about it to long I get nauseated, I can't belive that after all this time this day is here. I liked that dan rather quote it remided me of a moment in the Fellowship Of The Ring when frodo is feels sick that such a plight has befallen him and gandalf says somthing to the effect of " so do all men who live to see such times" our course is not as perilous all though the potential is there with all the student loans and what not.
    God Speed