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I start CRNA school this August at ODU and I know it's going to be all that everyone says and more, but what is the one thing that will keep you motivated when the going gets tougher than tough. I... Read More

  1. by   pnurseuwm
    I'm not a SRNA yet (not even in nursing school yet! ) but I think some motivators for me would be the life style, from what I've heard CRNAs can have schedules from like 7 am to like 2 or 3 pm.
    Not having to clean someone elses dentures, like srnachic said, may be another one :hatparty:
    But I really like the aspects of getting more respect and seeing your patient through from beginning to end.
    Also, let's not down the rap stars. I hate it when people moan and groan about the salaries of rappers and basketball players. They make an honest living and fans WILLINGLY pay for their services. A rapper or basketball star may have a career of 2 years, but the managers, promoters, team owners etc. are the ones REALLY living the high life, making more money, and making it for a longer amount of time.
    Just my 2 cents.
    And srnachic, congratulations. No one has the right to suggest that you think about changing careers, nor can they belittle YOUR motivations when YOU are going through the trials and tribulations of nurse anesthetist school.
    Chin up!
  2. by   ClimbingNurse
    I'm not in NA school but rather a 2nd degree BSN. On the wall above my desk I tape up the things that motivate me.

    I have:
    -Last semester's report card
    -2 emails from profs congratulating me on a good test grade
    -An Insulin syringe from my first lab practical exam
    -The overall program schedule, so that I can remind myself of what I've done and what I need to still do
    - A picture of one of the mountains I want to climb after graduation: The Grand Teton
    -Graduation Date: May 21, 2005

    11 Months and 14 days to go!

    (Note on the syringe: It's only up there cuz I didn't really know what else to do with it. It was returned to me with my test booklet. I can't exactly toss it in the trash. :chuckle)
  3. by   Athlein1

    But would you become a CRNA if it required the same grueling committment and you only came out of school and made 50 thousand dollars a year?
    Yes, absolutely. But I would likely have chosen a less expensive program.

    And, like WntrMute, I wonder how long salaries will stay at this level. I keep wondering if there is going to be a "correction" at some point. Not sure how or when, but I do wonder about it. Hope I will be in the black by then :chuckle !
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  4. by   loisane
    Quote from SRNACHIC
    But would you become a CRNA if it required the same grueling committment and you only came out of school and made 50 thousand dollars a year?
    Seems like this gets forgotten easily-so let me point it out.

    CRNAs who have been practicing for more than 10 years or so DID become anesthetists when pay was less than 50,000/year. This board's population is skewed toward the younger, but in the overall CRNA population, there are PLENTY of people in the "more than 10 years experience" category!

    Never assume things have always been the same as they are now. And never assume things will never change from what they are now. That applies to salaries, anesthesia, and life in general.

    loisane crna
  5. by   Qwiigley
    I am becoming a CRNA because I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn. I felt that my stay in the PICU was valuable, but no longer a growing experience.
    I looked at nurse practioner (all sorts) not for me I like critical care too much.
    I looked at management; takes a special person, that is not me.
    I looked into teaching.... a possibility, but what would I get my masters in?
    So you see, money didn't come into decision. It was only a perk. I love being a nurse. I love taking care of patients. Now I can do it my way, (with evidence based practice!!!)
  6. by   NCgirl
    A picture of the Louis Vitton (SP?) store in Vegas, along with the autonomy and finally understanding the reasons for the things I did in the unit.
  7. by   user69
    One you are in, the best motivation is probably knowing that you already have student loans invested in your education. By sticking it out you will be able to at least be able to break even and then quit.
  8. by   susanna
    I wrote a whole long response to the OP on why I was giving up things to go back to school to become a CRNA, then erased it when I noticed that answering this thread was making me realize that the only real, down-to-the-dirt fundamental reason why I'm motivated to do nurse anesthesia is because I really want to feel proud of myself. Thats it. Period. Nothing else motivates me more essentially than that.
    I really want to make myself proud of myself. and I think becoming a CRNA will do that for me.

    I'm wondering if this is not a good reason. But, I thought, if I did anything else, I'm sorry to say that if it upsets people, but if I became a regular nurse or a foreign language professor as I originally intended to, I wouldn't feel proud. Are my motives wrong? Does anyone else feel like they're kind of still out to please Mommy and Daddy in a certain way? Does this desire to make yourself feel proud of yourself ever go away in life?
  9. by   mandykal
  10. by   susanna
    Quote from mandykal
    LOL. Okay, maybe this was meant to be the answer to my question too along with the OP's.
  11. by   tcrn
    I think my main motivation will be that at the end of the week (inbetween weekend study) I will get to see my husband and daughter! Actually sleep with my man and spend time working on reading, ect with the off spring. And I will have to make a list of things we will do after it is all over too.....
    The biggest thing is the fact that I will have one pt at a time.... no 40 phone calls from phony relatives, drunks or end up wearing excrement home!
  12. by   u-r-sleeepy
    Good Question! Here's some of (what were) my "motivators":

    - the desire to accomplish something that "matters" - at least in my book
    - autonomy - and now that I have it, "I lawk-it-a-lawt!" (from Dumb & Dumber)
    - some respect - at least where I am currently - I have a lot of it and I like it!
    - I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! ...each and every day! I truly ENJOY what I am doing. When is the last time you said that about your "job"? ;-)
    - I am better able to provide for my child (she is a "special needs" kid) both now and for her future. I have a lot more time to spend with her now (if I choose to because of so much autonomy with regard to my schedule).
    - I am able to help out others in ways that I could not before. There are many ways to do this. We will probably be starting our own charitable non-profit corp this year - small beginnings, yes, but what a great start!
    - the $$$$ ain't baaaaad! If you really need it - you can click on this --> http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/sh...cat=524&page=1 for those who are into motorized fun, or even this --> http://www.lindal.com/homegallery/ga...=Casa%20Islena and click on the "magnifying glass" with the + on it. Well, I HOPE those links work! hehehehe!!! OK... break's over... back to reality...

    There were other reasons, but those I listed were pretty important to me going into school. I want to add a note here that may surprise some of you. I was just like most of you entering or going through NA school - I found myself thinking about graduating, getting that sign on $$$$ and the first few paychecks and... and... thinking about "GOING NUTS" buying all kinds of things we had done without for so long! This may surprise you, but we haven't purchased hardly a thing yet! I graduated over six months ago and we're still driving our old vehicles... shopping at Wal-Mart... wearing our same old clothes... haven't purchased a different home...! My spouse bought me a watch - was supposed to be a graduation present and I didn't see it until about 2 weeks ago! ;-O But... you should see our bank accounts... and brokerage account(s)... and IRAs... and... well, you get the idea. To each their own.

    NA school is a wonderful pursuit and whatever it takes to motivate you - please find it and focus on it regularly. I think if it helps you to put up a picture of something on your wall that inspires you - that's a good thing! My spouse described the time in school like "holding onto a 'run-away-train' and praying that you won't let go" until the ride is finished! That's a good description of my experience. Of course - I have always hated being bored!

  13. by   geecue
    Lets not kid ourselves....we all know why we're in this: financial gain, better lifestyle. Yeah personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment goes with it...but anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

    My CRNA buddies who are practicing now are living it up. Youre in an awesome field...you'll get through it fine. The pot of gold is waiting for you at the end of the rainbow...

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