Wesleyan Bound, Anyone?

  1. Hi ya'll,

    Well, by this time acceptance letters are coming and I just want to make connections to those who are going to Texas Wesleyan this Fall. We barely have 5 months left and "the much anticipated student-life-of-a-SRNA" is upon us. I read along in this forum some recommendations by those who are in the profession and those who are in school to take it easy and enjoy the remaining days.
    By posting this, I want to get in touch with those who are heading to Fort Worth this Fall.
    T AKA Bubba from east texas
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  3. by   tcrn
    Hey Bubba! Guess that we will be classmates..... I too am looking for words of wisdom,ect. As well as making contact with potential classmates to see what they are doing to prepare for the future. Gosh, here I am....trying to digest this and make plans on where to live, loans, what will happen between now and then.... I guess that we are all in the same boat!
  4. by   alansmith52
    get your fasfa stuff in now.
    in the past the finacial aid dept was slow. but the students have their own finacial aid officer now. never the less just get it in now and be done with it.
    I think the standard max is 18.5 per year althought the school can quailify you for more if you need. also there is the education one loan. this is an
    "alternative loan" for most that means. in addtion to the stafford. you can get like 30k per year. If you anticipate needing alternative loan money work on in sooner than later becuase if you take care of it while your working you won't need a co-signer.
    And don't even entertain the idea of working at the same time. its not worth it.
    congratulations on your acceptance.
    in the words of Short Round from Indiana Jones "hold on lady we're going for a ride"
  5. by   TraumaMaster
    I too will be your classmate Xigris. I am nervous with anticipation. The whole moving thing and leaving my home behind is quite sad. But alas, it must be done! Look forward to meeting ya'll in person!
  6. by   BDD
    You can count me in on that one. Just interviewed and found out I was accepted. Thanks everyone for your help. It was all greatly appreciated.
  7. by   XIGRIS
    There are four and counting...
    Let's hear from those who are going to TWU....
  8. by   aRNnAR
    I know that i posted this in another thread, but u can count me...TWU bound. BTW, how was ur interviews? I was very unsure about my interview, since she told me that TWU very rarely accepts anyone w/only 1 yr of experience (i graduated last May), but recieved the call the next day)...much to my relief.
  9. by   alansmith52
    this is alansmith52 wife. well kiss the family good bye if that applies. you will be a stranger. but it is worth it
  10. by   sandman
    Nice meeting you yesterday, and it's good to hear that you were accepted.

    Congrats to everyone.
  11. by   BDD
    Sandman, I appreciate your input and words of wisdom. I am very honored to be accepted by TWU and I look forward to starting school. The simulator lab was really cool. Thanks.
  12. by   pnurseuwm
    There seems to be a heavy Texas influence on this board. I'm thinking of moving to texas after I get my BSN (December '05). Where are alot of the good anesthesia schools located? Houston? Fort Worth?
  13. by   duckboy20
    Fort Worth now has 2 with TWU and TCU, I think there is an army anesthesia program in Texas. Visit www.aana.com and it can tell you of each accredited program in every state

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