Stick a fork.....

  1. me cause I am done!! Graduation this past thur. everything was a blur but it seemed to be in slow motion my last week of clinicals leading up to may last clinical day.

    I don't know about your programs but mine worked us up to the very last day. I am enjoying my weekend but it feels very weird not to be doing some type of school work.

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  3. by   Shamrock
    CONGRATS!! :hatparty:
  4. by   Qwiigley
    WOW! Congrats!
    I still have 14 months! This is currently my spring break. 1st day off since Jan 2nd. 7 days and I'm back at it. (actually supposed to be studying for peds and ob). Also have to take some nat'l exam.....
    Anyway, congrats!
  5. by   newsrna
    Congratulations Lee,

    I am really jealous of you to say the least. I'm about to start CRNA school and can only imagine the "hell" you probably went through in your program. Congrats again and good luck with your boards!!!!
  6. by   luvbug
    WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Man, do I rememer that feeling!!!
    cngrats and best of luck with the boards and your first job!!

    Party like it's 1999!! (cheesy, huh?)
  7. by   Chiaramonte
    Congrats Lee!!! The world is now yours!!! Best of luck with your new career!!

  8. by   fence
    That is so cool. It must be such a relief to know you are done. I can't imagine the joy ( or maybe terror? you know all on your you are experiencing. Best wishes to you. So now go forth and conquer the world.
  9. by   smiling_ru
    :roll Congratulations!!
  10. by   purplemania
    A great accomplishment! Congratulations.
  11. by   Scavenger'sWife

    Now the real work begins! LOL
  12. by   meandragonbrett
    Good job!
  13. by   TinyNurse
    Woo Hoo Class of 2003!!!
    I'm doing my precepting now, I graduate June 13th!
    I'm so excited for you!
  14. by   TexasCRNA
    Thanks for all the replys, and feel free to email me any time for questions. I am planning on taking my boards the end of June.