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Hello future SRNA's ... I've been reading some of the "nervous" posts and was hoping everyone would say where they'll be this fall. Hopefully we can keep in touch throughout the next 2.5 years, and... Read More

  1. by   kestrel1121
    Gonzaga University-starting in Jan 2005-already nervous/scared-pondering when to leave work (the last date keeps getting earlier and earlier everytime someone asks me!!!) Hi Ava's Mom.
  2. by   Chewy Lewy
    I'm heading to TCU in Fort Worth. Going to get there Aug 1.
  3. by   wadezz
    TWU - Fort Worth Texas - August 16th - see you guys / gals there....
  4. by   Bamadawg
    started Bridgeport on the 24th. It is going to be strong!!!

  5. by   Skyscrmer
    Inaugural Class of 2006 at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. I couldn't be happier to be attending Nurse Anesthetist School in my hometown. It's also an awesome thing because 7 out of 15 of the students are co-workers of mine from Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. There have been lots of good vibes and encouragement towards this new program. Congratulations to all of you who have been accepted into CRNA School, and good luck for the rough, but exciting road ahead! :hatparty:

  6. by   TraumaMaster
    TWU Aug 16- Can't wait to meet you fellow posters!!
  7. by   DIVER CRNA

    Starting Albany Med's NA priogram in September 2004. Anyone in my class, I would love to hear from you!

    Best of Luck to Everyone, and to those more experienced SRNA's and CRNA's --THank you for all of your support through a most difficult process.

    The slate is now clean!!!

  8. by   SRNACHIC
    Old Dominion University this August 2004!!!!!!
  9. by   Passin' Gas
    Congratulations to everyone beginning anesthesia school within the coming months!! Good luck to each and every one of you!! Keep your focus on the goal: the going will be tough but the end results will be worth the effort, hard work, and sacrifice!!

    If you still have a few weeks before you start, be sure to plan some down time with family and friends.

  10. by   aRNnAR
    TWU in FW on August 16th!
  11. by   Durden
    St. Joseph's in Prov., RI.
  12. by   crna2bee
    TCU August
  13. by   ROBDANURSE
    Gooding Institute of Nurse Anesthesia in Panama City, FL!!!!!!!!!!
    Start Aug 30.

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