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  1. by   US Army MAJ,CRNA
    Quote from jwk
    Direct observation doesn't require data to back it up. I've seen and been present and watched CRNA's lie under oath to legislative committees over a period of decades.
    Lie about what?

    The ASA lies to paint CRNAs as substandard and dangerous providers….this being the basis of why we CRNAs should NEVER be allowed solo practice (when the real reason is they want the money of supervising)

    The AANA lies to……what?

    Are you saying we as CRNAs are really trying to say MDs are substandard or dangerous and shouldn't be allowed solo practice?

    I don't think so…..it has NEVER been said before a legislative committee (those statements are in the public record)….however the statements by the ASA are easily found doing internet searches.

    AANA statements of equal bias and "scare tactics" should be easily found doing internet searches too, don't you think?…..you know the ASA would be perfectly willing to show the AANAs hand at lying and scare tactics to the public….so it should be REALLY easy for you to "prove" this.

    There are countless examples of MD anesthesia providers causing harm through negligence and stupidity…..but these examples, that ALL medical providers are guilty of negligence and stupidity fall into the category of simple anecdotal evidence.

    And that's all you demonstrate…….anecdotes.

    And your assertion that "Direct observation doesn't require data to back it up" is a silly statement…..eye witnesses get deposed and cross examined all the time…many eye witness testimonies get thrown out or rejected by juries for the very simple reason that the "data doesn't back up" the "direct observation"

    I'm surprised you rest your whole case on such a silly statement.

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  2. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from jwk
    Sorry I don't have a recording to upload for you - not that you'd believe it anyway.

    As I've said countless times - the hypocrisy is staggering. Some are apparently intelligent, objective, and open-minded enough to see that - and some aren't.
    You just need to admit it is nothing more than your opinion and move on.
  3. by   manusko
    Quote from wtbcrna

    You just need to admit it is nothing more than your opinion and move on.
    You guys just don't get it. If you have more experience then you do not have to provide proof. Your experience trumps all proof and data.
  4. by   US Army MAJ,CRNA
    Quote from manusko
    You guys just don't get it. If you have more experience then you do not have to provide proof. Your experience trumps all proof and data.
    Oh, I get it…..I just thought someone of his intelligence knew the folly of providing anecdotes….

    Surely if the AANA was so nefarious as to lie, deceive or scare the public about other practitioners, it would be as easy to find as the ASAs examples to scare the public about CRNA practice.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    The fact that CRNAs are available and utilized widely in ALL states and AAs are used in only a few states speaks volumes to me, another APN.

    The US military use of CRNA is legendary.

    Personally, I would trust any of the CRNAs I know with any anesthesia needed for myself or family.
  6. by   wtbcrna
    I think mausko was being sarcastic...
  7. by   manusko
    Quote from wtbcrna
    I think mausko was being sarcastic...
    True story.
  8. by   Happynurse3338
    Dr. Jane is just another CRNA being used by the ASA.
  9. by   wtbcrna
    Quote from Happynurse3338
    Dr. Jane is just another CRNA being used by the ASA.
    I would say she is an MDA using her background to further her political ambitions.
  10. by   sweetdreameRN
    Quote from jwk
    Sadly, you rely on the pablum you're spoon-fed from the AANA to form your opinions, because they clearly don't have a factual basis. On the other hand, I have personal first-hand experience dealing with the CRNA lobby over a 30+ year career. I know what I'm talking about - you're fantasizing.

    AA's were created because of the overall manpower shortage in anesthesia that existed 40 years ago. Back when the vast majority of CRNA's had no degree of any sort, just a nursing diploma and anesthesia certificate, AA's came along with a masters-prepared provider, a totally new concept at the time.

    You only consider us a political tool because we don't agree with you. I'm sure anyone who agrees with the ASA is someone you would consider a political tool, regardless of the initials after their name.

    Blah, blah, blah, on the next part of your post. YOU haven't been practicing 150 years.

    Again - the hypocrisy is blinding. Holding up the AANA as a bastion of truth, justice, and the American way is just profoundly absurd - that you can't see it, or admit it, speaks volumes.

    I am a lowly SRNA and really probably shouldn't even be posting to this thread. I am sure you have many valuable experiences during your 30 year career, and could certainly teach me a lot!

    The problem with AA's is that while you may have been needed 40 years ago, the need has drastically decreased. The need and cost-effectiveness of AAs is no longer relevant. Also, the ASA didn't start rallying for AAs until they really started feeling the heat from the AANA. They aren't your friends! The ASA only cares about you because you are (in their minds) an alternative to independent CRNAs. The truth is that state regulations, certification requirements, and practice standards regarding AAs are inconsistent. It isn't about bias or politics. I don't mean to be rude at all, but the need for your profession is solely based on ASA politics. The evidence for cost-effectiveness and quality standards just isn't there.
  11. by   PVCCHoo
    Old thread I know. I am not even in nursing school yet, but I've read Watchful Care and I follow all this closely to understand what I am getting myself into.

    That graph in the video was so inaccurate. It showed 1000-2000 hours of training for CRNA and 12,000-16000 for MD. What? Do they start counting the hours from your first day of med school until you are done with your residency to come up with that number?

    On a sidenote. I had a conversation with a girl the other day who had been accepted to the medical school in my town and told her I was waiting to hear back if I got in to nursing school. She asked me what kind of nursing and I said that down the road I would like to pursue CRNA and that one of the best schools for it was in Virginia (where we both live). I asked her what kind of doctor she wanted to be and she said an anesthesiologist and went on to explain what an anesthesiologist does! She clearly had no idea what type of nurse a CRNA was! Yes, I used the letters rather than saying "nurse anesthetist", but you would think someone who wants to pursue this specialty as a MD would know what CRNA means.
  12. by   chillnurse
    bet she gets paid a lot to bash crnas
  13. by   Corpsman-UP
    You are aware a general residency is 80 hrs. a week right? At 50 weeks a year (ACGME accreditation requirements only allow a max of two weeks’ vacation each year during residency) and Anesthesia being a four year residency equals 16,000 hours. That does not factor in 2 years of clinical in med school or any time they will do post residency in a fellowship. Even if you factor in a decreasing workload for the 3rd and 4th year that is well within 12,000-16,000 applied clinical hours.