Is 40 too old?

  1. By the time I got in and graduated from CRNA school I would be nearly 40. Does anyone see this as to old to be getting into this area? What are the average ages of some of your classmates?
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  3. by   Passin' Gas
    If you want it, do it.

    Seriously, RRNAs are anywhere from 25 with barely one year experience to nurses with 20 years experience starting when they are 45+.

    Evaluate your pros and cons, loss of income, potential income once you have completed the program, loss of time with family, greater satisfaction of life when completed, debt, ability to pay it off, greater independence and autonomy in your practice.

    I love my job and have never regretted becoming a CRNA. Look at where you are in your life and base the decision on your own personal circumstances. Age is not a significant factor.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    hell, no.
  5. by   gaspassah
    i hope it's not...i'm turning 37 this december starting school in august and graduate in 24 months. married with 2 kids too. moving across country to do it. ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.
  6. by   nialloh
    Never too old to improve yourself. If you want to do it and think you can, go for it. Good luck, I hope it works out.
  7. by   WntrMute2
    Six monthes to go and 45 1/2 years old. Go for it!
  8. by   ainz
    I don't think you are ever too old. I was in nursing school with a woman 53 years old. My grandmother went to nursing school at age 50 and went on to obtain a graduate degree and ended up teaching at 63. I went back to graduate school at age 37. Never too old. Go for it if you think it is right for you!! Anesthesia is a good field with high demand!!
  9. by   Shamrock
    If you don't do it you will just be 41 - without the degree
  10. by   rexhuber
    Not at all

    I'm 46 and am starting in the journey toward my third career. Enjoy the rigorous process for what it is, including the interactions with peers and other professionals that you come into contact with on your way to becoming a valuable member of the health care team.

  11. by   rngrad2009
    40 is too young to wonder if you are too old. Go for it!
  12. by   Mito
    As a new grad and being 40 myself look at it this way; your going to be 40 anyway it is up to you if you want the education at 40 or continue with what you are doing now.

  13. by   carlb
    I was 38 when I started my BSN program. This fall at 46 I'm starting Newman's CRNA program. I've never felt my age put me at a disadvantage. I think you should go for it rather than wonder "what if".
  14. by   tonicareer
    I don't think so. You will be the same age either way. Do what you want to do. You might live to be a hundred so you have plenty of time left.