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  1. rngrad2009

    LPN-BSN bridge

    Instead of College Network, go to Indiana State's website. They offer the LPN-BSN nursing program online. U take your clinicals locally. they have an agency of local nurses at specific hospitals that will precept u. U don't have to travel to Indiana for exams either.
  2. rngrad2009

    Job Hunting - I don't understand

    Well, last week I went into a LTC facility simply just to fill out an application. I had on a pair of black jeans and a casual sweater. I was so surprised when the DON came out to interview me. I immediately apologized for my appearance and told him that I was not expecting a same day interview. he said that i looked nice, the interview was done and I got the job:balloons: That was a close call!!
  3. rngrad2009

    First LPN job

    Congrats! I just got hired as a new grad in LTC also. I feel that you will learn the most on day shift because of all everything going on during the day. If you can handle day shift, then you can handle any shift:welcome:
  4. rngrad2009

    How long does it take you

    do you know of any websites that has templates for downloading. I had to do a care plan last week and i was looking all over the place for a template. thank you :stone
  5. rngrad2009

    RN training at hospitals

    I believe that Pennsylvania is one of the few states that has a diploma program left. Hopkins does not offer such a program, yet nursing students do rotations at the hospital
  6. rngrad2009

    Repeat NCLEX taker

    It's good to study with at least 3 NCLEX books. Once you do all of the questions and read the rationales from the first 2 books, the 3rd book's material really sinks in. Saunders has a nice book, which clues u in on how to eliminate those 3 questions. good luck :balloons:
  7. rngrad2009

    Spring Break!!!!

    My spring break starts 3/25, but we have a week break inbetween rotation, so I actually have 2 breaks, the week of 3/14 then spring break 3/25. Cool! I can't wait! I am so excited about sleeping without the alarm clock waking me up. I too have to endure my kids during spring break, but our first break is all me!
  8. rngrad2009

    Rue Education?

    Rue is a publishing company, not a school. Rue prints materials used to prepare u for the Excelsior College exams. Excelsior made a comment on my SBON website stating that they are not affilliated with Rue, Rue is for profit and very expensive, and you are better off getting all of your materials through Excelsior. Clinicals is a weekend long experience in new york.
  9. rngrad2009

    Client Teaching Plan!!!!

    Hello. I have a Client Teaching Plan due next week. In my packet, i recd an outline where you fill in your diagnosis, outcome, interventions, etc. That's not a problem, yet our teacher is talking about a 2-3 page essay using APA format. Do you know if there is a website out here where I could probably find examples of Teaching plans in APA format?. Please help!!
  10. rngrad2009

    Age Check

    Age is only a number. I am 30 years old, yet my class is filled with people of all ages. 20-52. I feel like the middle man. I have great respect for those who know that learning is a lifelong experience
  11. I agree. A good instructor will point out your faults and will take the time to explain correct procedures and rationales with you. I have been lucky so far
  12. For our clinicals, it is 8:1. During our last lecture, our teacher told us that our class has gone from 70 to 67! Just want to wish everyone luck and STICK IN THERE!!!
  13. rngrad2009

    Is 40 too old?

    40 is too young to wonder if you are too old. Go for it!
  14. There's one at every facility. Two at mine's. There are still nurses out here who don't take their job seriously. I believe that you handled things fine. I also agree that the nursing supervisor should be made aware of this. Your primary concern is the residents, and if meds are not being passed out and patient care is not being handled, then something needs to be done. Keep up the good work, and believe me when I say that she is only one of many that u will come across.