1. What is the best way to study for the GRE and how much emphasis do schools place on your scores??

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  3. by   megmermaid
    All I used was Kaplan's study book. I spent a good 5 weeks studying that book and ended up with an 1890. I tried to keep it simple and not study any other books-there was plenty of things to study in just this one.
    I'm not as sure about the emphasis placed on the score by schools though.
  4. by   kmchugh

    I used Princeton's GRE prep for the computer. I followed the paths completely, and ended up getting a little over 2000 on my GRE. I thought it was a great, focused way to get "tuned up" for the test.

    Kevin McHugh
  5. by   CRHSrn
    I had no idea there WAS a study material !!! I figured it was like the ACT or SAT, just general knowledge. It was a little harder than that, but I still managed to make a 1500. Anyway, Good luck, TIA !!!
  6. by   dontae
    Tia, I think one good place to start is taking the mock test that GRE actually sends you once you register for the test. Like most computer tests, it's a very good thing to simply get familiar with the format of the test. And guess what, some (very few though) of the same questions were actually on the GRE when I took it. If you're "not good with words" like me, you'll probably want to concentrate on vocabulary. I used Kaplan's book -they have a great vocabulary list and tips on studying. I ended up with 1740. I have to admit that I didn't have as much time as I needed to study. Hope this helps. I haven't gotten in so I can't tell you what the schools really want to see.
  7. by   nilepoc
    Reviewed the math the night before, and sat for it.

    I took the attitude, that it was a cheep test, and if I didn't need to study for it, that much the better.


    I did fine on it BTW
  8. by   Brenna's Dad
    Unfortunately, I had only two weeks to prepare for the GRE and used both a Kaplan program as well as the Princeton guide which gave you hints for increasing your score and also reviewed some basic algebra and geometry.

    I did remarkabely well on the analytical section and only so so in the verbal and quantitative. Verbal I believe was my lowest and I contribute this to years of only reading medicine and nursing texs. LOL. I had originally thought that my program accepted the MAT and studying using a cram book for that test for 2 weeks. In the end they only accepted the GRE, but I do think study for the Miller's really helped me in my I analytical score.
  9. by   Tia
    I have quite a few months to prepare so at least I have that part going for me, but math is my least favorite subject so that could cause me some problems. I will have to check out both those study materials you have suggested. Thanks a bunch I think most of the school I am going to apply for request the GRE. I am amazed by the amount of things schools need to seperate everyone into who is the best canidate. Right now I feel like my drive and determination to be a CRNA isn't enough, but that I have to jump through the "political" hoops to get in. Anyways, I need to get to in the morning Take care.

  10. by   globalRN
    The GRE is straightforward" the math is basic high school math review
    The analytical is pretty straightforward once you understand the prototypes...the verbal...I think you either are good or you aren't but practice with vocab can help.
    I liked the Princeton one too.
  11. by   London88
    I think the amount of empahsis placed on the gre depends on your GPA, and sometimes the CCRN , at least this seems to be the case in some of the schools in the Philly area. Some schools specifically state that emphasis is placed on the verbal portion of the GRE. My score on the GRE was very average, nothing to write home about. However, I do have a very good GPA and a 4.0 in the sciences. I was debating whether or not to take the GRE again, but rationalized my way out of it. I am glad I did not retake it as I got accepted into my school of choice. The director complimented me on my transcripts, and that was good enough to get me accepted. So again, how much emphasis is placed on the GRE depends on your circumstances.

    If i had a shot gun when I was taking the GRE, I probably would have shot the computer screen. I am sure the people sitting next to me heard me cursing at each question that came up on the screen, especially the analytical section where I was doing eenie, minnie, minny mo....
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  12. by   AmiK25
    Has anyone taken the GRE since they changed the analytical section to written instead of multiple choice? If so, what was it like? Just curious.

  13. by   g8rlimey
    I took the essay portion in Oct., It sucked. I liked the analytical because I always scored well in it, but I missed the cut-off date. Fortunately, the essay portion is fairly easy, it just blows having to type 2 different portions. Check out the gre site for all the nitty-gritty details
  14. by   Brenna's Dad
    I'm glad I wrote when it was still multiple choice. I'm sure I would have done worse if it was written.

    The only drag with doing the whole test, is that I had to do two analyical sections as the first was proposed questions which didnt count towards your score (they don't let you know which is which) and I did horrible on that one. Actually, I didnt even finish all the questions. And I swear, that some of the questions didnt even have the right answer. (At least by my calculations).

    Anyway, when the second analytical section came up at the end, I was very much relieve and scored very well. It was not until the end of the test, however, that I realized the first test was bogus as evidenced from my final score. All I can do is thank God!

    Although I don't know for sure, I believe my school looked at the final score and not just at verbal and quantitative sections, which helped me out a bit. I have always been curious when people tell me their school only looks at verbal and quantitative scores, since one might think that analytical thinking is related to critical thinking. But then again, seeing as the analytical section was my best score, I might simply be biased.

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