Gonzaga said yes!!!

  1. Well guys can you believe it??? After such a bad feeling after my MDA vs. CRNA debate question they have offered me a spot in their class!!! The CRNA director must have liked that somebody stood up to the MDA in that debate!!! I'm still going to Oakland next week then I can compare programs but I did really like Gonzaga!!! I still can't believe it...off to read about financing, pay my taxes so I can file my FAFSA...(state of shock)... :hatparty:
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  3. by   BlakeS
    Congrats on your acceptance. I read thru your interview experience and thought it was interesting. Anyway good luck in your next interview.


    P.S. I noticed you're from Idaho, me too. What part?
  4. by   TraumaNurse
    Congratulations!! :hatparty: You will now have a lot less stress and pressure on you for your next interview. Either way, your IN!
  5. by   yoga crna
    Gonzaga is a wonderful program and you won't be sorry going there. I still don't like the MDAs approach in the interview, but do know that some of the brightest CRNAs I have ever met are at Sacred Heart Hospital and know how to hold their own in confrontations. You can learn more than anesthesia from them.

    Good luck and let us know what happens on the next interview.
  6. by   CougRN
    Congrats. Gonzaga has a great reputation and you will get great experience. Spokane is a great town to live in too. I grew up there for 19 years. Best of luck in your pursuit.
  7. by   duckboy20
    Awesome!! Good Luck to you!
  8. by   New CCU RN
    congrats thats awesome
  9. by   AnesthesiaBound
    Congrats. I really thought you handled yourself well in the interview and I guess now it showed.

    I personally think you will have a lot less pressure in the next interview. If you could handle that first one without cracking, you can handle anything.

    Way to go.

  10. by   kdst
    best of luck to you where ever you go. congratulations.
  11. by   SpongebobRN
  12. by   smiling_ru
    Congratulations! Make sure to take a nice vacation before you start!
  13. by   Ava's mom

    What an accomplishment!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!!
  14. by   gravitycure

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