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  1. Hi guys. I'm new here. I'm so glad that I found this site. Lots of good info here. Here's my situation. 2 years in OR. Just finishing RN-BSN program. GRE verb 490, analy 660, quan 550. GPA 3.2. Started CVICU 6 months ago, but was demoted to tele supposedly because I didn't have enough time to study CVICU at home and finished RN-BSN clinicals. I think they figured out that I wanted to go to CRNA school and wanted to hire someone with experience. I'm frantically trying to get into another ICU. I know this is going to look bad, plus GPA isn't the greatest. I've applied to 5 schools, but haven't heard from any yet. I'm feeling like I should just give it up until next year. Should I write letter to inform them of my change in job situation now or after I secure another ICU position? I want this so bad. What do you all think?
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    First, don't give up! Is there any chance that you can do some intense studying for the CVICU? Did you finish with your BSN yet? If not, maybe for yourself you should give it a year and finish the BSN and then get into an ICU. If you have finished, do as I said up front and contact your supervisor on CVICU, maybe they will give you another opportunity, especially if you have your BSN. At this point, you don't need to let them know about your future plans.
  4. by   New CCU RN
    I definitely agree with not giving up!!!!!!! My suggestion so that you don't make yourself crazy is that you finish your BSN and then go for the ICU when you have more time to dedicate to focusing on it. I know how hard it is to start in ICU....I started just seven months ago as a new grad. While I won't call myself an expert, I can say I am able to go to work now without wanting to I have a decent handle on what;s going on. It takes a while though...and it took some motivation on my part to be real proactive in learning the ropes. At the time I was only working school.... so I was able to spend time studying...and yes I did home. Anyhow, it sounds to me that you are a good candidate for CRNA you just tried to do too much at once. Since you seem to be almost done with your BSN, my advice would be to go ahead and finish your program..focus on getting the best possible grades!!!!!!! When you get your BSN .... then go for ICU. That way you can focus your attention on each one appropriately and maximize your learning. To your credit, the CVICU is a real intense...hard place to start. I have been floated over there a few times and it is kind of intimidating... definitely real interesting and I would like to maybe try it out in a little more time.. but I went for CCU first that way I could get a good handle on being in the ICU and then take the jump for CVICU ..then eventually CRNA or maybe MD school (I am taking premed prereqs now... we'll see...)
    Anyhow, I wish you luck.... before you know it youll be sending in your apps to CRNA school...hang tight it will work out.
  5. by   dontae
    Thanks for the encouragement not to give up. I'm finished with the BSN program now. I just have 1 elective to take in the spring-no biggie. I offered to bone up on some studying to stay in CVICU, but the director said there was no money to provide preceptor for even one more week, so I'm out of there. Seems unfair, but I absolutely don't believe in playing that "life ain't fair" card, so I'm trying to find another job. So, do you all think I should write the schools and inform them of this now or let them know that I've changed jobs when I get in the new ICU? I don't want them to think that I lied on my applications.
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    Continue looking for another ICU position. If one of the applications you sent results in an interview. and you are still not in an ICU, you should call and let them know, determine if they still wish to interview you. If you are already in another ICU, I don't see where a short tele hiatus would have much bearing. If you tell them now before you get into another ICU position they will probably not even consider you for an interview even if you get another position quickly. Because your file would be pulled from the pile of candidates who meet qualifications. That's my two cents.
    Just out of curiosity, were you in orientation (with a preceptor) for six months? Wondered when you said you had spent 6 months in CVICU and then the comment about a preceptor not being available.
  8. by   dontae
    Oops, reality check. You're right. I've only had 3 months in CVICU then was moved to tele. I guess since I specifically left my comfort zone (wonderful OR) to go to this unit, I'm having a hard time facing the music that I'm not an ICU nurse.
  9. by   KC CHICK
    dontae, we share a similar background and ambitions. I was in the OR for a year before deciding to leave and pursue CRNA. I interviewed at a few different hospitals for an ICU position with no luck. Being an OR nurse, they considered me a "new grad" level and didn't want to put in the training I needed to become an ICU nurse. I then transferred to the Tele unit at my hospital. Been there since June and have learned a lot. I'm just waiting now for an ICU position to open up...I don't really want to leave my current hospital.

    As it turns out, Tele was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Other nurses complain that it's TOO BUSY. You and I both know that we're just continuing the same busy pace we had in the OR. I was used to running for 12 hours as an OR circulator. One morning (I work nights) an agency nurse said "If I wanted to work this hard, I'd have joined a chain gang!". I don't think he'll be back to our floor. What a wussy.

    I have a little more time to go before I'm ready. I'm just now starting an RN-BSN program. You seem to have all your ducks in a row. Don't worry. With a little Tele experience under your belt, you'll find an ICU position with no probs at another facility if this one keeps stringing you along. Most will consider previous Tele experience above other med/surg type experience.

    Remember : Your comfort zone just gets bigger every time you step outside of it. If you can learn to be an OR nurse, you can learn the floor.
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    Nice sharing
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    You are forgetting one key piece of the equation to get into anesthesia school: references. The fact that you had to leave CVICU prior to completing orientation and move to tele doesn't look good. If I were you, I would find another ICU job, work for a solid 1+ yr and then start applying to schools. I would also probably either withdraw my applications to the schools you've applied to or wait for offer to interview (? probably due to minimal ICU experience) and then explain that your aren't currently working in a unit. Even if you get a new ICU job right away, if they find out your are interviewing for anesthesia school and your on/just off orientation, you will have a problem on your hands.
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    Thread started in 2002.....still good advice.

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