CRNA's: Where do you live? What do you make?

  1. Where do you live, what do you make, what type of cases to you do, where did you go to school, do you like it, would you do it all over again?
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  3. by   bill4745
    Just outside Philadelphia, ER, 12 years exp, base $36.21, $110k with OT, small community college, do it again-yes, I love what I do.

    Sorry-didin't notice the "CRNA".
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  4. by   fultzymom
    Southern Ohio. I make $22.50 per hour. I work in a LTC facility here and start out at more than the hospitals pay the RNs. I went to a small community college and yes, I would do it again.
  5. by   nurselizk
    Are we all talking about CRNA positions here?? This is the CRNA forum, just wondering....
  6. by   Typhoid Mary
    I work in Boston, perm nocs. 45./h base, plus shift diff. I work on a very busy heme/onc floor. I am a graduate of an ADN program, with several classes done toward BSN. Yes, I'd do it again. I honestly can't imaging doing anything else.
  7. by   EmeraldNYL
    People, this is the CRNA forum!! Anyway, I am a new grad, work at a very busy Level II trauma center in the Philly burbs, make $125K base. We do a wide mix of cases including OB, neuro, hearts, vascular, ortho, general including gastric bypass surg., and of course lots of trauma. I went to Villanova, I love what I do, and yes I would do it all over again!
  8. by   EricJRN
    I edited the title to clarify the OP's intent.