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hey guys, it's me again! this is a debate that is going on in the resident forum of . brett the poster is listed above his\her comment ... Read More

  1. by   AnesthesiaBound
    I must say, that was an amazing read. I've been doing some research and have heard of the big conflict between MDAs and CRNAs. I've just never seen it with that much venom. I, personally, have never seen this type of animosity or anger in the real world. Every MD I've told about my acceptance to school has been supportive - this includes many MDAs. In fact, it was due to a few MDAs suggestion in the past that I look to Nurse Anesthesia as a possible career.

    I would imagine that this type of bias does occur, and I'm glad I've never personally run into it. The groups are eager to hire CRNAs and they are supportive with schooling, education, instruction, etc.

    I agree that we should just keep our heads high, study our asses off and do the best job we can do. You don't automatically get respect because you went through school, you earn it on a daily basis.

    Great post!

  2. by   4EverStudent
    Kevin I was very proud of the way you used the written word to prove the student doctors incorrect. I must say that I was stunned by the ignorance that was behind the conversation on that board. I do think that it should take them some amount of time to try to come up with a reply worthy of your comments. Good Job! This coming from a dumb nurse of 15 years.
  3. by   gwlillith
    I'm aghast at this whole presentation! I just happened to run across this thread, and I must say...I never knew any student, resident or MD that had such open hostility toward nurses....Sure you run into your cocky ones, but this here is ludicrous.
    I've been a member of this board for only a few months. I view it everyday, and found the most intelligent, wonderful, thoughtful, caring individuals. Never have I read an ugly word to defame a physician on these boards.
    I guess it goes to show you the level of maturity of the nursing profession as opposed to the "doctorates"
  4. by   steve0123
    I can understand why many medical students/MD's feel threatened - I remember how I felt back home when I learned that non registered nursing staff were to be given authority to administer medications/injections. What they fail to realise is that both medicine and nursing are fundamentally different. Sure, they both share a common objective, but neither will ever be able to function without the other.

    In this day and age where research and advancements are progressing at such a rapid rate, it is inevitable that the tasks/duties that were originally the sole domain of medicine will be shared by other health care providers such as nurses. If these students truly were as intelligent as they consider themselves to be, they would be recognise this fact and see the professional advancement opportunities this would subsequently open to them (such as advanced consultancy roles to CRNA's, etc). They would also recognise that the discipline of medicine will always be a stakeholder in anesthesiology and that there will always be a need for medically trained anesthesiologists.

    This matter is certainly a hot topic at the moment - perhaps the various professional associations should develop a demarcation agreement that would hopefully put an end to the vitriolic and downright shameful "debate" (read: slander) thats going on at . One thing I've certainly picked up from this is that us nurses can't rest on our laurels just yet. Let's really stick it to them and take as much as we can while we can (ie: lets ride the wave of economic rationalism all the way to shore - if RN's can continue to legitimately provide a cost effective solution to the shortcomings of the medical profession [greed, temper tantrums, etc] we can continue to further our own professional standing which, judging by some of the comments on "the other" forum, has a way to go yet)!!!

    PS: I get the feeling that the comments on are solely motivated by money - personally I think it's disgusting to read just how much money some quacks are making, regardless of how many years training they have. Perhaps CRNA's are the wake up call they needed - that the community is sick of being ripped off, and yes, you are dispensible...
  5. by   zenman
    I've looked all over the "Student Forums" at and can't find anything. Where exactly is all this babble?
  6. by   trakstar
    Quote from zenman
    I've looked all over the "Student Forums" at and can't find anything. Where exactly is all this babble?
    try not .com.
  7. by   zenman
    Sorry, was what I meant. Looked everywhere and can't find it. Under "Student Forums" is it under "Pre-medical Forums" or "Medical Forums" etc.?
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  8. by   z's playa
    Just click on the link. It'll bring you right to it. And oh yeah....DUMB? I swear my mouth is still open.
  9. by   zenman
    Posted by z's playa: Just click on the link. It'll bring you right to it. And oh yeah....DUMB? I swear my mouth is still open.
    If your mouth is open put something in it. I'm on Student Doctor Network almost every day and still don't see it. "It'll bring you right to it" - where did you come up with that smart a** answer? If you want to be helpful, then answer my post. I get the home page when I click on the link...always have; probably always will.
  10. by   TraumaNurse
    I'm not sure if Z's playa was refering to you or the student dic, oops doc site. I am hoping it was the thread being refered to.
    To answer your question, the reason you probably can't get to it is because the thread is 2 years old! I'm not sure but if you search for the topic you may be able to find it again.

    Then again, I don't think anyone should bother digging up this ridiculous, immature banter. It certainly does not give one hope for the future of medicine. Anyway, I think that old thread is better off dead! IMO.
  11. by   PTU2SLP
    Everyone knows that doctors have a longer educational process but these guys...especially Halothane still have alot to learn about the real world, especially anesthesia. First of all, the studies show no difference in mortality between MDA vs. CRNA anesthesia...secondly, the advances in safety have primarily been made by CRNA's...if he will look in his history book nurses were teaching anesthesia while the MD's and dentists were having ether frolicks? Finally, if CRNA's are so stupid why do we do 65% of the cases in America each year. Sure there are some stupid nurses, but there are just as many stupid doctors, dentist, and laywers.
    I'm not saying that I am any better than an MD, but I will say there would be no healthcare if it wasn't for us "stupid nurses".
  12. by   zenman
    Thanks TraumaNurse, I was looking for posts that were posted the last few days. I've been up over 24 hours in hospital hell...going to pass out now!
  13. by   Tenesma
    ptu2slp - agreed that a lot of the postings on are very immature and ill-advised.

    1) advances in safety have been primarily made by CRNAs: wrong.

    2) CRNAs provide anesthesia in 65% of cases - doesn't mention that 70-85% of those cases are supervised by MDAs (medicare data)

    just pointing out some misconceptions.

    You are right though about no studies showing difference in mortality between CRNAs and MDs...

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