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hey guys, it's me again! this is a debate that is going on in the resident forum of . brett the poster is listed above his\her comment ... Read More

  1. by   meandragonbrett
    ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE A RESIDENT????? I like your attitude about the situation. I bet you are well liked @ your hopsital. Just wanted to say thanks and keep it up. Medicine is TEAMWORK. No ONE person can do it all. Great post! And welcome to the board.

    btw-how did you find the board?
  2. by   kmchugh
    I think Tenesma makes a very good point, one that I'd personally hate to see get lost in the shuffle. Most doc's value nurses, and what nurses do. Most also value the clinical judgement of nurses. On the other hand, nurses respect most docs, and value them and their clinical judgement. Those of you who are working in nursing, think about it for a minute. Yes, there is the one or two docs who SERIOUSLY get under your skin, and MD does not necessarily equal genius. But if you really think about it, the boneheads stand out in our minds because they are boneheads. They can often blind us to the majority of docs out there, who are good docs, who are truly committed to the well being of their patients. Don't ever forget that we (nurses and MD's) are not enemies, but rather allies, with the exact same goal in mind. (I know, it sounds trite, but thats the best analogy my tired mind could come up with.)

    Kevin McHugh
  3. by   hoolahan
    (Hoolahan pulls her Fred Flintstone foot out of her "hot lips" mouth...)

    Ten, if we had residents like you when I used to work in the hospital, I'd still be there. Thank you for your humbling post.

    I work in home health now, and if a day goes by that a doctor actually returns a call from me, I feel lucky. Usually I end up w the receptionist who says "How do you spell dehiscence?" (Just have the doc call me asap, OK??)

    Please read this thread sometime...
  4. by   g8rlimey
    Originally posted by meandragonbrett
    Do it, do it, do it!!!!!!! <~~Is chanting BRonison on. C'mon guys, fess up on who's "Mr. Sandman"!!!

    my bets are on alansmith52
  5. by   BRobison
    with that in mind, (allies, not enemies) there is a good treatment of that very issue on this site:
    which someone on the crna list at yahoo posted
    (thank you to that person!).
  6. by   shay
    Ten, I appreciate you posting that here. I must say, until I read that whole toxic mess at, I thought most doctors felt the way you do and that the perception of nurses as 'dumb' and 'useless' and 'expendable' was something that was in the small minority of docs.

    After reading that thread, I wonder, do MOST docs feel that way, or do they feel the way you do? I certainly hope most docs and docs-to-be don't think that nurses are merely stupid little bedpan warmers. Residency will be reality shock indeed if they do.
  7. by   fergus51
    Hey Ten,
    if you ever consider moving to Canada let me know! I couldn't agree more with what you said about the crappy hours and poor pay in residencies. I've been reading about some med students suing over this. Personally, I think it is absolutely unsafe to make a resident work for 36 hours straight.

    As for the money, residents are a cheap source of labor, plain and simple. Just like nursing students in the old hospital schools seemed to be. Now some nurses will say you're lucky to get any money at all while you're training, but I think that's dumb. I think medical school should not require a 4 year undergraduate degree and it should be more clinical focused throughout (as McMaster University is starting to do here). The problem with becoming a doctor is you have to waste money on an undergraduate degree that may or may not have anything to do with medicine before going to med school, which is where some of that huge debt starts, and why it must seem like an insult to only get 30K a year as a resident.
  8. by   alansmith52
    hmmmmm, I don't know I think that mr. sandman moron spells better than I.
    on the other hand even if it were me I don't think I would admit it now. In light of the new feeling on this thread. wich is all fine and good.
  9. by   alansmith52
    plus another embarrsing reason for nobody to ever fess up to being MR. Sandman is that whole stink made over the fictional "clavicula" after some study I have found that he probably meant valicula which makes the entire argument nill.
  10. by   paramedicjedi
    hi all,
    let me begin by adding my 2 coins! I was a very succesful pre medder! 3.8 gpa, 9.6 Mcat, and chemistry and biology double major, and as evident by my title I am a NREMT paramedic(7 years). And drum roll please I have just been accepted to Nursing school. Why? Becuase I like pts. Granted I will never earn a giant salary in nursing and sure there is a great deal of in fighting within the nursing profession but it beats being part of an elitist cadre that has tried to corner the market on healthcare for a 100 generations.
    and man to read nurses are dumb that really hacked me off!!
    But everyone should not dispair just check out most of the posts are pre meds whining about the "difficult" addmission standards and residents whining about how hard they work and how little they get paid! Well tough cookies, they chose that road so they should not slam the CRNA's for the sorry life of a resident. Folks we need doc's, we need nurses, we need CRNA's. We do not need this futile political debate hindering pt. care! I am not saying "why can't we all just get along "I am just saying chill out! Doc's do not just think nurses are dumb they
    think everybody is dumb, even other Doc's! (look at how they reem DO's) I donot mean to generalize but Doc's are by far the most arrogant profession I have ever run across(this includes bouncers, SEALS, and firefighters no offense)! Certainly there are those who are humble by experience or nature but many are so angry and disillussioned(SP.) that they vent their anger constantly.
    in closing to the moron that said Nurses are dumb 159 according Weschler want to compare brain pans or solve puzzles sometime? And another thing Nurses were in anesthesia first read a history book will ya'! And on a personal note my mother had three surgeries Breast Ca and one for a fractured vertebra and she had two CRNA's and two doc's she felt she got good tretment from all of them. But she said the CRNA's were more personable and relaxed.
  11. by   London88
    Somebody earlier on hit it right on the nail when they described the residents as behaving like a bunch of kids. After reading their discussions it dawned on me that immaturity is obviously one of the requirements to participate in their forum. Comments such as "nurses are stupid" is demeaning to the person making the comment rather than to nurses, as it is an immature statement. The forum is not even worth entertaining. I will be more than happy to engage in a verbal debate in that forum when their is a significant increase in the maturity level"
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  12. by   dneill01
    I am an RN and find myself somewhat confused by your statements. I feel that your statements would be more valid stated as "SOME RNS" are ignorant/stupid Remember the definitions of both. But I think that we find that in both nursing and medicine. I can tolerate ignorant to a point and they will remain that way so long as physicians such as yourself view them as stupid. You want them to function at the level that you do (generally during your sleeping hours) and are angered when they do not but are also angered by those that do think for themselves. Both your anger and ignorance amazes me coming from such a highly educated individual. I want to encourage you to take a spelling class, repeat english 101 or review your posts for errors prior to posting. (I truely hope that you are more thorough with your anesthesia care.) You appear to be the "class A"pompous azz physician that every nurse dreads to deal with. Generally your type allows your arrogance to get in the way of your better judgement and as a result the patient suffers. Of course you then feel out of control so you look for someone else to blame for your shortcomings. Its a sad cascade of events. Thank God they are not all like you.
    Now for the topic at hand. You are absolutely right, CRNAs are not as highly trained as MDAs. No doubt about it. My question is how much of that education is actually used in practice? (this is an honest question) CRNAs should never be used as a substitute for MDAs! They should be used to supplement an anesthesia practice. Many procedures that are performed are skills learned rather than scholar based. I sense that it is actually a money issue that bothers you as opposed to a true concern for patient safety and quality of care. The issue of quality of care has been a controversial topic for years with no truely revealing studies to date. Studies by the AANA can be viewed as biased as well as studies by the AMA. The only facts that we can look at is that Anesthesia care has improved over the past 20 years. To say that it is because of MDAs is once again truely arrogant. Is this to say that you ignore the role that better agents have played? Better monitoring equipment? Better diagnostics revealing underlying issues prior to the cases? Lighter patient loads and shorter hours (CRNAs have contributed to this) providing more time for MDAs to focus on more complicated cases? Better trained PACU and ICU nurses that recognize issues earlier? WOW, the list goes on and on.......

    This should'nt be viewed as a competition issue it is a supply and demand issue plain and simple. Its the weekend and your commode goes out, you call the plumber Whats he/she charge you? Its simple supply and demand. There are more CRNAs today because Anesthesia residencies couldnt even be filled 10 years ago. Its a long road for an MDA and not many wanted to make that sacrifice.
    Yes, many GPs hire PAs or NPs to work for them, is this because they are lazy? Maybe they have gotten over the arrogance of believing that they are so superior to everyone and they have come to the realization that parts of their job can be performed without the lengthy education that they had. Once again, supply and demand, think they would use these "paraprofessionals" if they could handle the patient load? Not likely. Should patients suffer because they cant get anesthesia care? MDAs are having to face what Nurses have been for years. BSN VS. diploma vs. ADN. Their jobs are the same their pay is similar but the training is different. One must take the time to look back and ask, what does it really take to do my job? Can someone with less education function near the same level? My bottom line is: CRNAs contribute to quality of care and efficiency of care. They should if possible function with MDA supervision/assistance. Halothane, you do your profession and physicians an injustice by posting such ignorant borborygmus statements without engaging your swollen head first.

  13. by   Passin' Gas
    This thread died a graceful death (FINALLY) 18 months ago. Please, let it lie in peace.


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