CRNA continuing education options

  1. I am a newly certified CRNA and was looking for some advice on obtaining the 40 unit continuing education credits that is required every couple years.

    I am looking for any advice regarding websites, conferences, subscriptions or anything else that you recommend that are cost effective and time efficient to meet this requirement...

    I am sure there are previous posts for this but I am having a hard time locating CRNA specific CME posts. If there is a past thread with good information that you know of please post the link.

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   resumecpr
    Try I believe it has job specific CEs. Congratulations on your CRNA!
  4. by   wtbcrna
    This is the one work bought for us to use it has 36 CME/CEs for $99.99.

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  5. by   classicdame
    try Medscape/nursing for free CNE. In Texas you are eligible for CNE if you take courses designed for physicians, as long as the content is appropriate for your scope of practice. So you might look on professional sites for anesthesiologists. Congrats on your new career!
  6. by   Ackeem
    Ok first of all congratulation on your CRNA, I want to go down that same path.

    But I'd like to know how long did you work as a nurse before entering the CRNA program. and how long was the program itself.

    (I apologize for being off topic)
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  8. by   sandmanpk
    I use for most of my hours. You can also get hours through Audiodigest, Current Reviews, the AANA, or have fun and go to a meeting.
  9. by   bread angel
    You can get your entire credits through the courses in the AANA Journal. Also, state and national meetings serve a dual purpose of getting the credits and networking. I will be in Boston next August for the AANA meeting.