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  1. bread angel

    NBCRNA and the AANA... WOW

    The AANA must set standards for the highest possible practice situations. Whether or not you like it, without the AANA going for direct Medicare reimbursement and settling our right to compete in the marketplace, AANA would have become a subsidiary of the ASA. You have the right to practice in what ever setting you wish and that right must be upheld. I also have the right to independent practice and know for a fact, that for many reasons some CRNAs do not want to personally practice that way. However, THE RIGHT TO INDEPENDENT PRACTICE must be assured.
  2. bread angel

    NBCRNA and the AANA... WOW

    I am well aware of the credentialing issue that is coming up for an AANA bylaw change. This change is appropriate and is needed so that the CRNA credential stays an integral part of the profession. That can only be done by input from the profession--the AANA. Currently, NBCRNA can and has snubbed their collective noses at the AANA and CRNAs and nothing can be done about it. With the Bylaw fix, the AANA BOD can recognize other groups for accreditation and certification. We elect the BOD and have a say at the ballot box. One more very important thought--NBCRNA has no business sending emails to AANA members regarding OUR bylaw changes. They are two separately incorporated groups and it is inappropriate for them to try to interfere with our (AANA) business. If you are going to be at the business meeting, consider voting for the bylaw change.
  3. bread angel

    From Chemical Engineering to CRNA

    A science background is always a plus for anesthesia. We use both chemistry and engineering every day in our practice, although we may call it something else. I agree with the other comments, find a really sharp CRNA to shadow for a couple days. This is the best way to get some sense of the profession, the skills and knowledge required and the operating room environment. Try it and then get back to us.
  4. bread angel

    AANA (NON) membership anyone?

    Maybe the reason why no non-members respond is that there are very few of them who bother with internet sites involving anesthesia. One of the people who I talked to recently reinstated her membership because of wanting to read the Journal and News Bulletin for clinical updates and professional matters. Also, I heard from a third party of one who let his membership lapse and also his malpractice insurance that he got through AANA Insurance Services. Within a month he found himself in the wrong end of a lawsuit and is having to pay for an attorney to defend his actions. When questioned about why he didn't renew his membership, he said it was because of money. The guy makes well over $300,000 and he was fussing about paying $645. I bet he is rethinking his decision as he writes the retainer check to the attorney.
  5. bread angel

    AANA (NON) membership anyone?

    [quote Bread Angel, If you think the AANA and it's lobbying group are resposible for your work conditions, hours and remuneration....US Department of Labor and market forces have much more resposibility. I don't think you have any idea of how the AANA assisted at the US Dept. of Labor and other government entities who wanted to demote the value of our education and practice and reimbursement. They also assisted at the state levels to make sure the role of CRNAs was understood. BTW, it is a continuing battle. As far as market forces goes, the ASA is pushing AA's to get licensure in all states. The AANA is strongly fighting this. When you have to compete with an AA for your ACT job, you will understand market forces. I don't mind a good debate, but the facts will determine the winner.
  6. bread angel

    AANA (NON) membership anyone?

    Do what you wish. Maybe you would be happier as a junior member of the ASA or even the ANA. I can guarantee that you will be vocal when you (1) lose your job, (2) have your hours cut, (3) have your hours extended, without additional pay or (4) be paid the same as other advance practice nurses. Then you will scream--how could the AANA let this happen? The AANA, while not perfect is the only organization that promotes our profession.
  7. bread angel

    Per diem/Part time CRNA positions?

    CRNAs can choose to work in whatever way they please, as long as there is a job for them. The marketplace rules. You seem to be way too obsessed with working part-time, that I suspect that you have no idea what a CRNA does.
  8. bread angel

    Personality traits of CRNAs?

    Some personality traits that I have noticed in CRNAs: --Obsessive compulsive --Patient oriented --Don't suffer fools very well --Must be mechanically oriented (trouble shooting) --Ability to multitask --Firm and in control when it comes to patient safety issues. I would challenge anyone who says we don't do patient care. There is nothing better than the one-on-one care you give to patients. Yes, the OR can be a stressful place to work, but so are other places. In my mind, there is no better place to work and the best profession, ever. How many other nursing specialties can say this?
  9. bread angel

    Per diem/Part time CRNA positions?

    It is well advised for you to get a lot of experience as a newly graduated CRNA. That experience is going to be at a full service hospital and later on you can move to an ASC. If you are asking these questions because you don't want to work full time in anesthesia, that is your choice, but I would let the admissions committees know this. They would probably rather admit someone who is not setting conditions so early in the career.
  10. bread angel

    Advice-posting here too for CRNA's to chime in

    I agree with the other comments and want to add one more. If you like the ER for the adrenalin rush you get, understand that in anesthesia, if you do it right, you shouldn't have many adrenalin rushes. Anesthesia can be boring, but it beats out anything that is second best.
  11. bread angel


    I love being a CRNA and know that the best decision I made in my life was entering this profession. Read all of the posts here and on other websites. If you do a google search you will find many websites and discussion groups that are very active regarding the profession. Also, FaceBook has several CRNA groups. Unfortunately, I am not in a position that permits shadowing, but I highly recommend that you find someone who will help you. Don't be taken back by snarky comments--in fact, get used to it--it comes with the nursing profession. One final point, while you are still in undergrad, if you are interested in any advance practice education, especially anesthesia, take as many hard science classes as you can. They are much more important on your transcript than nursing theory type course.
  12. bread angel

    Day in the life of a CRNA?

    Administering anesthesia is the most fun someone can have and still get paid for it. My days are short-not many cases or very long--lots of OB and/or emergencies. You have a lot of information in your head and have seconds to figure out a difficult situation. On the other hand, it can be very boring, especially on long cases with slow surgeons. But then, I like boring when it comes to anesthesia, because that means things are going well. I know many CRNAs who are doing anesthesia well into their late 70's and still love it. Just so you don't think it is a piece of cake--anesthesia is applied pharmacology, so you have to be good in math, in problem solving and in keeping up with changes in anesthesia, surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and OB.
  13. bread angel

    CRNA jobs in SoCal

    There are two major anesthesia programs in the LA area, Kaiser and USC. They pretty much meet the supply needs of the area.
  14. bread angel

    Tubing tips

    Do don't have much experience, do you?
  15. bread angel


    The OP needs to spend a lot of time shadowing CRNAs. I love anesthesia and could not imagine doing anything else. There are going to be lots of positions available in the future, as long as you pick your location (not Florida). Regarding surgeons, I just remind them that they can't do surgery without anesthesia. Actually, I have never had any problems with surgeons and have worked with some of the best.