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Hello Everyone, I was just checking to see if anyone knows of a book that specifically contains anesthesia careplans? If not, has anyone developed any care plans they would like to share? I... Read More

  1. by   AmandaSRNA
    I am searching for the book Essence of Anesthesia Practice by Roizen & Fleisher. I was only able to find one used copy for $500!! I even contacted the publisher, but the book is out of print. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get my hands on a copy? Also, if anyone knows of any additional resources/books/PDA programs for developing Anesthesia Care Plans I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks.
  2. by   ACNP
    Hi AmandaSRNA,
    The Handbook of Anesthesiology by Mark Ezekiel (the 2008 edition just came out) helped me a lot when writing my careplans. It has a lot of the anesthetic implications for ex. HTN, COPD, DM, Renal Failure, Obesity, Latex allergy, etc. It is very small and compact. My senior gave it to me for Christmas last year and it has proved invaluable. I carry it in my bag with me to the OR and pull it out often. It also contains lists of drugs that you commonly give, dosages, onset, peak, duration, side effects, etc. Check it out at and see if this helps. Jaffe and the Anesthesia & Coexisting Disease books are also good but I found this one to be the most straightforward and to the point when dealing with the anesthetic implications of the patients review of systems and writing out your anesthesia plans.
  3. by   TrainO4
    I am graduating in 3 months. I found this website really helpful:

    Good luck!
  4. by   crnahopeful2011
    Thanks to everyone for the info
  5. by   CRNA Hopeful
    Does anyone know what happened to this website -- or if there is another site with a similar care plan bank?
  6. by   aCRNAhopeful
    I guess my username wasn't so original afterall...
  7. by   crNURSEa2b
    Anyone, anyone? Is the careplan databank gone for good?
  8. by   HillaryC
    I discovered this site:

    I downloaded all of the care plans from the Southern Illinois site but I'm not sure how to share them.

    Hope this helps!
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  9. by   flurane
    Thanks for taking the time to post this careplan website. I found it very useful.
  10. by   HillaryC
    No problem!
  11. by   wagne715
    Do you still have the database?