Agency ICU work count toward CRNA Requirement

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am currently a student still in my pre-req phase (shooting for Fall '05 Nursing School). My question is my goal is to be a CRNA, so I want to get my ICU experience off the bat, but I was wondering if I decided to work agency instead and only accepted ICU work, would that be o.k. when applying to CRNA school? I wanted to do agency because of the higher pay and it would help me pay down bills faster in anticipation for CRNA school. Does anyone know if it can be done this way? Or maybe 6 months staff ICU and the rest agency?

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  3. by   Kiwi
    Hi chattypatty,

    The agencies where I live require one full year of work as a nurse before they will hire you into their agency. I'm not sure if that is true where you live.
  4. by   skipaway
    As a member of a selection committee, we have accepted a few nurses who are ICU nurses for agencies. I suggest traveling to hospitals that are level 1 or 2 Trauma centers and have more challenging patient populations instead of the community based hospitals. (not saying these hospital's patients can't be challenging). While you're at it, also would be helpful to have a variety of different experiences.
    Good luck

  5. by   BBFRN
    It's probably not very realistic to think you'll be able to pick up ICU agency shifts right out of school, without at least a year of experience in that area. I'd shoot for full time employment in a facility to get the ICU hours you'll need.
  6. by   TraumaNurse
    I agree. Most agencies will not allow you to work agency without at least 1 year of experience. You really have to have some idea of what you are doing in the ICU to be able to walk in to any ICU and start taking care of patients with NO orientation! As a new grad looking to work in ICU, you will need a full time job that has a good new nurse critical care orientation.
    Planning on getting ICU agency work directly out of nursing school is unrealistic. Get your year ICU experience and apply to CRNA school. IF you need extra money, work OT! You can always get your year in ICU, then go to work for an agency for another year. It would not hurt to have an extra year of ICU before anesthesia school.
  7. by   PROPOFOL
    I did one year as a staff nurse, than 2 years as a travel nurse, however i did select large teaching hospitals in which to do my assignments. I was recently selected into a CRNA program as well as 4-5 other travel nurses. It definitely counts, but you do need a year of experience before you can begin agency nursing.
  8. by   chattypattyCRNA2B
    Thanks everyone for the response!

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