Question about applying to Frontier

  1. I am looking for advice from someone who has applied.

    Can you apply to the program before you finish your BSN (from an RN-BSN program)? Or do they require you to be completely finished before you apply...which means you would sit around for a semester not really doing anything.

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  3. by   RNmilwife
    I don't see why not. You are an RN already. You don't have to have a BSN to apply there you just have to have 1 year nursing experience. If you don't already have your BSn they you take the bridge course ADN To MSN.

    Good luck on applying!!
  4. by   CnmAshley
    Don't you have to have one year working as a done completed before you can apply? At least this is what I have been told about this particular program. Try calling them, good luck, I heard they're a great school!
  5. by   RNCoastiewife
    You have to have one year as a RN
  6. by   klone
    Yes, as long as you have 1 year as an RN, I see no reason why you couldn't apply to the direct program (as opposed to the bridge) pending graduation.

    Of course, the best person to ask this question to would be someone at Frontier. Their admissions office is generally quite timely with answering questions.
  7. by   TLAandy
    I am currently a student at Frontier, this is my second year. I was a bridge student in 2010. If you are an RN, I do not see why not. There was a student with us that finished his BSN while in the bridge and transitioned into the MSN track. But if you do not have an RN license it would be no. I know they are very flexible on the 1 year RN experience stuff, because I did not have 1 year experience as an RN and some of my fellow students did not either. For the midwifery track you do not need 1 year of L&D, despite what you might read. I graduated in March 09, passed the boards in April 09, was accepted to Frontier in Sept 09, started Jan 10. I did not have 1 day of experience in L&D. The only experience I had was working for an OB/GYN as an LPN several years before. Hope this was helpful!!