Have you taken one of these Stats courses for Frontier entry requirement? - page 2

The Frontier website lists these two Statistics courses as acceptable for their entry requirement; I'm wondering if anyone has taken either? Any feeback would be appreciated! TIA :) University... Read More

  1. by   Smark35
    Yes, I saw us. :>) I'm getting ready to start BT101 tomorrow. Have you started it yet? Shannon
  2. by   Berkshire1995
    I am so confused! What stats course should I take? The U of Utah looks ok, but the one offered at my community college also looks ok, but I would need to ask the FNP chairperson at Frontier if I can use this one. I have a bachelor's in psych. The BSN students usually take the stat course at the community college. I am just sick over this. I have such an AWFUL fear of math. Help!
  3. by   Berkshire1995
    Can anyone tell me...how do you take the final exam? it says you have to go to a proctored school? Huh? I thought the u of utah was open book, so why not take it at home?
  4. by   HeritageRN
    The exams are proctored, don't know why because they are open book but I guess they want to make sure it is you that has taken the test. There are two tests a midterm and final. Again if you do the assignments and the practice tests you have all you need to pass the class with an A.
  5. by   HeritageRN
    I forgot to say that I took mine at my local library, it is free and I could go anytime during normal business hours. It was helpful for me to not have to make a specific appointment for the exams.
  6. by   Smark35
    All tests at Frontier are now online with a secure web browser. So, no more proctors. :>)
  7. by   Berkshire1995
    Would you suggest taking the Frontier course? The reason I ask is because I love the support the school gives you! I would only take this one statistics course so I can concentrate. Can I also take the exams at home? I would have to drive a great distance if I had to drive somewhere else to take an exam. With a secure web browser, I can't see why we can't take exams at home. I would be more at ease with less test anxiety!
  8. by   CNM2B
    I haven't taken the stats class at Frontier, but if you already plan to go to Frontier anyway, I would think it would be a benefit just to take it there. It will give you an introduction to the people and the process and seems like it would just be a lot easier...then you definitely won't have to worry about the class counting!!

    Good luck!