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Hello everyone! I just found out I was accepted into Class of 82 at Frontier School of Midwifery. I'm so excited!!! Is there anyone here that will be joining me in November? :jester:... Read More

  1. by   Journey_On
    Tanya, your experience would be fine! Like Ginny said, you only need 1 year of nursing experience, and it does not have to be in L&D. They will consider other types of health care experience, too.

    The work experience I had as an RN was not OB-related.

    Best wishes as you make your decision!
  2. by   Little_Babycatcher
    Oh yes, I should clarify that my 6 months RN experience is in Med-Surg
  3. by   nlt284
    I had 2.5 years of NICU experience. I just got back from Frontier Bound and there were multiple girls with no L&D experience, many ranges of work experience! If this is what you want, apply!! Good luck to you
  4. by   TanyaBRN
    Thanks guys that is so encouraging you have no idea!
  5. by   klone
    Quote from nlt284
    I just got back from Frontier Bound
    Brrr! How was it there in winter? I went to Frontier Bound in August, and the worst thing we had to worry about was chigger bites.
  6. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    I just wanted to jump in and say hi & congratulations on being accepted to Frontier! I'm in Bridge Class 64. Just finishing my 2nd year, with two more years to go. I'm doing the part-time route toward my midwifery degree.

    This program is awesome - I have to say that! It's hard, very time consuming, but amazing! I do not regret for one moment doing this.redpinkhe