Best Doula programs?

  1. Wha are the best Doulas programs. I have heard of DONA and ALACE, what are some others?
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  3. by   eager1hasbegun
    you may find it hard to get a straight answer about this as not too manypeople have experience with more than one organization. Currently i am going through dona certification. From what I've heard from my trainers, differences occur depending on where you are. My in-class training was very personal and emotional. However my trainer says when she travels to train with other people, it can become a lot more clinical (if thats possible with doula work) or bookish. I also think you get from it what you put into it. With dona, I learned a great deal from my 3 day in class training, and now its up to me to make the most of the required readings, essays, childbirth ed, and births. Hope this was a little helpful. Good luck on your path to becoming a doula!
  4. by   Bridey
    I have a friend who's a doula and recommended Childbirth International. I'm not sure if you've already chosen a program or not, but after doing the compare and contrast I can see why she went through them over DONA or ALACE.

    While those organizations might be fabulous, they nickle and dime you to death (recertification fees, workshop fees, annual membership fees, etc) and don't offer near as much support or flexibility as Childbirth International does.

    For instance, through CBI you could start today... that isn't the case with any other doula training program. There are weekly chats, your introductory class is free, you can pay for your training in installments, recertification and annual membership is free and they also offer trainer support to name a few things.

    Here's a link to a Comparison of Doula Programs: http://www.childbirthinternational.c...omparisons.htm

    I'm planning on starting Doula/Childbirth Educator training in Sept. I've done loads of research on the programs out there and think that this place really is most benefical to me. Even better is that both courses are only costing me $850. Not bad.

    Good luck in whatever you decide. Being a doula is a pretty awesome endeavor!
  5. by   SiennaGreen
    just my two cents. ALACE is awesome for flexibility both in training and in how they teach you to interact w/clients-rather than being stuck promoting only one method, et cet. They don't have the name recog everywhere but are much more cost effective and WAY less time than DONA. Ask around your area, figure out where your referrals would come from, and ask their opinion!
  6. by   Selke
    Seattle Midwifery School has one of the original training programs. Look at the link for Extension and Doula Education on the left side of the page. Penny Simkins, the grandmamma of doulas and labor support, is based here and teaches some of the classes. I took this class in June.
  7. by   smallwonders07
    bridey, thanks for the link to that comparison chart. Very helpful.
  8. by   cookderosa
    It's been years now, but I certified through CAPPA. I don't even know if they are around anymore. I did it because I wanted to be certified in postpartum. DONA is maybe the largest, making it easy to find a training near by. Of the 15 doulas in my (ex) doula group, they all were DONA trained except me. I know 1 direct-entry lay midwife who went through ALACE training, but she had to go out of the area to find a session. I also remember hearing that ALACE doula did internal exams- which freaked me out- I wouldn't touch that liability issue with a 10 foot pole.

    In my opinion, it's going to come down to the trainer. If you have a good trainer, you're going to have a good training. Some trainers can be a little heavy in promoting their own agenda, so I'd just say heads up about that- but otherwise good luck to you and enjoy it!!!
  9. by   doulagirl
    I'm going through CAPPA and the whole set-up seems great because they have a traditional route, which you obtain training in your local area, and they also have a distance route, which the materials are mailed to you! After you receive your training packet and videos, you then attend a childbirth education class in your local area, a breastfeeding class in your area, and attend 3 births free of charge. It seems simple enough!

    Good luck!
  10. by   klone
    I haven't been very impressed with CAPPA's training. It's not very extensive, compared to DONA or ALACE.
  11. by   rowan630
    I am certified thru DONA and will offer my 2 cents. Originally, I took the DONA course b/c it was the cheapest in my city. I am glad I did. DONA provided me with comprehensive training. Although the certification packet is long and requires a lot of work, I think the DONA "name" is very well-respected. I know that the doula collective I work with requires all of the seasoned doulas to be certified through DONA. That said, I am any of these organization will provide you with excellent skills to go serve women and their families--after all, so much of doula work is compassion, love, and a sense of humor....those personality traits can't be taught in a course
  12. by   Christy72
    I am going through the DONA certification process right now. I loved my trainer and found the training to be comprehensive. I decided to go with the DONA because of the name and reputation. It is a lot of work, but so far seems worth it.