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I work in a progressive care unit. Here is the patient's history. 49 yr old woman, obese, sleep apnea, smoker, brand-new onset DM, CHF, depression/anxiety. Admitted for a-flutter and pleural... Read More

  1. by   BBFRN
    The best thing you can do is use this as a learning experience, and not as a reason to beat yourself up, and you'll be fine.
  2. by   nursejill155
    Don't be to hard on yourself, this was a good learning experience for you. I work in the ICU and have many tools on hand that you don't by working on the floor. The ICU nurse was right, that you did wait to long the first reason is...if the pt is on a NRB and their O2 sat is only 90, this pretty much means they need to be tubed. The hospitalist should have been in again to see the pt also. I'm not being mean so don't think I am, but the best advice to give is to TRUST YOUR GUT INSTINCT, always push the dr. to be more proactive don't just "trust" their opinion because their drs. and take this learning experience and grow from it. You did the best you could and thats all that matters, you are not an ICU nurse and the ICU nurse who said you waited to long should understand that. Good luck! You'll be fine!!
  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from BandEmom
    She said that there wasnt enough support for me upstairs because all the nurses up there were inexperienced and the charge was busy downstairs.
    Well, the ICU nurse nailed it. No, it was not your fault. As new as you are how should you have known what to do and when to do it? You're psychic, maybe?

    You ran and got the the physician. You did good.
  4. by   sharona97
    I'm impressed that inspite of you letting other "team members" know of these changes, YOU LISTENED to the patient and went with your gut! Good Job and I'm sure ACLS will be a confidence builder for you. Good job!
  5. by   Nurse_RaRa
    I hope you didn't give up nursing or if you moved that you moved to a different facet of nursing like in a rest home where the acuity isn't so stressful. thanks - I learned from your post.
  6. by   jamato8
    If your charge nurse was informed she/he should have stepped in, that is part of their job. I never back off calling a doctor and put it squarely on them. Call until you get someone in the chain and if you have to, get the nurse supervisor. It is tough at times with the pt loads and until you get the flow of things. Yes, ACLS is very important and get to all the codes you can as they help you see in a crisis the ebb and flow.

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