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    Why IVF for stomach cancer patient on 2 diuretics

    I think it's sad that our ability of practicing sound judgement in the name of caring is stifled by "customer service" in healthcare. It makes it feel no different than selling cars or any other commodity. I think that we are depended on in the long run to help people understand when something harmful could take place. I'm sorry you've been put in such an uncomfortable position
  2. BandEmom

    Why IVF for stomach cancer patient on 2 diuretics

    I agree. It sounds like the decision maker in this family is aggressively pushing what they believe to be right. It's hard for us to argue with that, and convince someone that doing something they believe to be helpful can do harm. In this patient's case, there is no tangible benefit from IVF, yet obvious harm to be done. Perhaps the doctor who ordered it is not experienced with end-of-life care? It's an age-old issue to hospice care that always feel different with every patient because the families are so insistent.