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  1. So my goal is to have the PCCN done before August. I recently took the month long AACN formatted critical care class (ECCO) that was offered at a local community college. My telemetry unit sends nurses there several times a year to increase the knowledge base on the unit and also requires you to do it before you begin doing Charge. I bought the PCCN Certification Review book by Brorsen and Rogelet and have been doing practice questions from that. I also have the workbook/textbook that we used in the ECCO class as a reference along with a Critical Care Nursing textbook from nursing school as a reference. I was wondering if people who have taken the class think that this would be enough study material and your reviews if you have used this practice question book. Any study tips?? My ANM goes to a PCCN/CCRN review every year and gave me all her notes that she took during the two day class too. SO nervous because I've heard horror stories about these tests! I'm normally a pretty good test taker, did very well in school, but it's been 2 years since college and this whole study thing is just not as easy as it used to be!
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    I'm just starting to study for the PCCN as well, and I definitely agree with you that it's tough getting back in study mode after being out of college for 2 years. I'm using the same review/practice question book, Brorsen and Rogelet. I also got the AACN essentials of progressive care nursing but find it extremely hard to follow for some reason.
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    I recommend purchasing the Pass CCRN! book and doing the questions on the CD that come with the book. Sure, there will be questions on there related to invasive hemodynamics that are NOT on the PCCN exam, but I found doing the practice questions to be extremely helpful. I cannot discuss specific questions, but I did end up with questions on my actual exam that very similar to the practice questions I had.

    I also suggest purchasing the self-assessment exam for the PCCN from AACN. It's $45 for 75 practice questions that include rationales. The questions are from previous PCCN exam formats, and again, I ended up with very similar questions on my actual exam.
  5. by   susan.milner
    I've been studying weekly since 2/14/13; I'm scheduled for 5/20/13. I have been out of school for 25 years and am anxious but confident!!!!!!!!! BE PREPARED!!!!!!! THAT'S MY ADVICE. A lot of people are stressed about the test but if you go in with a positive attitude AND GO IN PREPARED, you can say you did your best. Old lady here plans to pass!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   Number1tia
    I tested yesterday 5/15/13 and passed. I prepared for 3 months prior to the exam. I scored very well and I thought the test was very straight forward. I used a variety of study aids. I used Progressive Care Nursing Certification by Ahrens, and another book by Brorsen. I also took a class provided by my employer. The biggest thing is to just know the information in the outline on the AACN website. Also, purchase the practice exam for $45. The best thing it does, is it shows you your weak areas so that you can target those to study. Good luck!
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    Congratulations on passing, Number1tia!
  8. by   ilovedessert
    Me too! I scheduled to take my test in August. I too am using the book by Ahrens and book by Brorsen. I am in the SD area and if you like study groups I would be all for it as I am new to the area.
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    I am about to start studying for the PCCN, did you guys find the book by Brorsen helpful? How about the AACN essentials of progressive care nursing/critical care nursing?

    I bought the AACN Certification and Core Review for High Acuity and Critical Care which contains all questions and I did a 7-week PCCN review webinar offered by AACN.
  11. by   SRDAVIS

    When are testing? I teach the critical care portion in a nursing program and work step down PRN. I'm trying to study but I'm not real motivated. I'm considering the webinar by AACN. I want to test by thanksgiving.
  12. by   mgp6
    Quote from SRDAVIS

    When are testing? I teach the critical care portion in a nursing program and work step down PRN. I'm trying to study but I'm not real motivated. I'm considering the webinar by AACN. I want to test by thanksgiving.
    I plan to test by early next year.. Maybe review for 2-3 months. I haven't really started getting some serious studying.
  13. by   SRDAVIS
    Lets start some kind of studying.
  14. by   Applern2014
    CrazyCatLadyRN, I saw on another thread that you created a study guide for the pbds assessment for when you took it? I am pretty sure I will have to take it in the next few weeks, and I lent a lot of my nursing study guides and nclex books to a friend preparing for the nclex, I could really use something to study from. Do you still have it?

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