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  1. Is anyone PCCN certified and recently taken the test? What did you use to study and what do you feel helped?

    I'm using the Progressive Care Nursing Certification preparation, review, and practice exam book since it's what was supplied from the AACN website but the book is so long and detailed there's no way I'll make it through the whole thing. The book comes with 2 practice tests. I've taken 1 and made a 65% but I haven't even made it past the cardiac section of the book so I guess it's safe to say I've barely studied at all. Did any one use the practice tests and how accurate were they in predicting your readiness? I kind of feel like they were a waste of time because they don't have rationales.

    Also, is there a lot of vent questions on the exam and questions on hemodynamic monitoring? Neither are my strong points because we don't do either on my floor

    Any input helps! I'm usually a great standardized test taker so I've been stalling on studying and now I'm freaking out because there's only a few weeks left and I've heard the pass rate isn't great for the exam
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  3. by   Tarabara
    Unlike the NCLEX, I felt the PCCN test was actually pretty straightforward and had logical questions. I don't remember which book exactly I used for practice tests but I know I rented it from Amazon which was nice because it was much cheaper and they gave me plenty of time to mail it back. I also stumbled upon these reviews online that outlined info from all the topics in the test outline perfectly and made my own note cards from them. The site is: http://www.aacn.org/wd/chapters/Chap...20Part%201.pdf That is just the first one, if you google "certification review Barbara pope" you'll find a bunch more. Good luck!
  4. by   tcvnurse
    There are NO questions on VENTS in the PCCN exam. However about half the test is cardiac/pulmonary so expect a LOT of questions about ST elevation, which leads indicate infarcts in what area of the heart, chest tube stuff, etc etc etc.
  5. by   NYCRN21
    Hi mbaseyscott, I passed the PCCN in May this year. I used the book PCCN Certification Review, 2nd Edition by Ann Brorsen to study, and took the practice test from the AACN. I found the questions in both the book and the test to be very similar to the kind on the actual PCCN. I took the practice test from the AACN (the SAE) about a week before the actual PCCN and it indicated that I wasn't going to pass the PCCN test, but I did so I'm not sure how accurate the test is. But it was good practice! No vent questions that I remember and like tcvnurse said, its VERY heavy on cardiac/pulmonary. I would recommend spending a good chunk of your study time on that. Know normal lab values and ABGs too. Good luck!
  6. by   mbaseyscott
    Thanks guys, great to hear no vents. What about hemodynamic monitoring? CVP, PWP, SVR, things like that?
  7. by   mbaseyscott
    Question Tarabara, Barbara Pope's reviews has questions but I'm having trouble finding the answers?
  8. by   venus82mx
    Have you taken the test yet? I am also studying for it and I might register to take it in October. I have been studying for months and I'm feeling kind of ready to give it a go.
  9. by   mbaseyscott
    I took my exam last Monday and passed. Thanks for everyones input!
  10. by   Edz86
    hi mbaseyscott! congratulations on passing your pccn. i am currently starting on reviewing for this exam too, so what reviewer did you use that helped you a lot?