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Please let me know what your base pay is in your part of the country. I live in TN and where I work our base pay is 13.00/hr. And if you are a CVICU nurse, do you get paid more for what you can do.... Read More

  1. by   normarae
    collective bargaining is the key phrase for RN's Does the public think a nurse does less for lower wage in tin buck two? Public knowledge and information such as 20/20 will be our forum in this century. RN's are responsible for recognizing symptoms that lead to life or death - and we get treated worse and paid less than plumbers. what is that marriage philosophy that says if you lay down like a rug you will probably get walked on???
  2. by   ICUkids
    When I read the regional quotes I was astounded! But since I live in CA and the cost of living is absurb maybe I shouldn't be. I have 14 yrs. experience, some in mgmt, I recently got a 3% increase, $36/hr not including differentials. But I also pay almost $2/gal for gas and my apt is $1150/mo for a 2 bedroom. I live 15 mi. from work and where I live is considered cheap! I am still struggling at the end of the month. I have found that message boards really show how different this world can be.
  3. by   Lynn_RN
    In Kentucky, RN pay ranges from $12 hr. up to around $30 hr. depending on where you work and the demand for nurses in that area.
  4. by   fireandice
    I was just so surprised of what I just learned! I think it's time for me to invite everybody to come here in Canada to work! I just started working in the ICU last year without previous experience on this area, came from another country, and yet...I am earning $24.00/hour. Not too bad eh? Please...we are desperate for nurses!
  5. by   VanRN32
    Hi there! Where in Canada are you? I'm in Vancouver. I went to the US for a couple of years after I graduated. Great experiences but I am so glad to be back in Canada. All I have to say is the grass is not always greener on the other side. You definately earn the elusive "American dollar" being overworked. I wish more people would see how the pay is not the "35.00/hr" that the news broadcasts when speaking of our current shortage and grads going to the US. Also, unless you are living on a boarder town the exchange is relative. When you live in the US you spend in US, dollar for dollar.
    Yes the pay here in Canada is not that bad when you look at it that way. The taxes suck, but I'd rather make 24.00/hr and pay taxes than make 14.00/hr period...that's a slap in the face.
  6. by   dawngloves
    I feel like a millionaire! But it doesn't go far here in Philly, as someone mentioned earlier.Fresh out of school 3 years ago, I started in Tele in a Level I trauma center 3-11 and made 21.50 an hour. I went to a community hospital Pool and made 31.50, weekends 7a-7p. I am now doing agency $40/hour. We are so desperate on the East coast. I know of some facilites that will pay you $48/hour for working 3/4 weekends!
  7. by   shirley-RN
    Originally posted by Lynn_RN:
    In Kentucky, RN pay ranges from $12 hr. up to around $30 hr. depending on where you work and the demand for nurses in that area.
    I know that recently in KY the payscale starting rate for new grads is $15.05 hr. There was a market review handed to all the hospitals in which they ajusted there rate as close to the others. This all took place about 5 months ago. I don't know anything about the nursing homes or agencies

  8. by   Zee_RN
    Pittsburgh PA--community hospital ICU, total of 5 years nursing experience: $17.91/hr.
    Small shift differentials. No difference in pay rates for med-surg vs. ICU.
  9. by   hollykate
    Though it's not CCU, it is the same across the board, as I am a new grad it's about 15.70 an hour. Same for Med Surg/ED, etc etc etc.
  10. by   christie
    Hi....just like to give a comparison..I'm a fifth year RN in Australia and I earn about $21 ....which is about $12 US. Seems to be a lot less than you guys earn in the US.
  11. by   Scottsdale
    Where I work in AZ, nurse graduates start at
    $17.49. I think it depends on the hospital and the area of the country.
  12. by   greye
    That's a lot of differential pay there!!
    We pay up to $45/hr ($68 for overtime or holidays) in the Northwest for CC RNs.

    Call if your interested in Seattle or Portland: Miriam Gresham
  13. by   voban
    I am a recent RN grad (May 2000) working on a cardiac care unit in a southeastern Wisconsin hospital(not Milwaukee). Base pay is $16.75/hr for new grads. Not enough for what we are expected to do though. I can really see it now that I'm doing it!