Need more info on CCU!

  1. I am currently an LPN, and entering the last semester on an ADN program. I have a strong interest in CCU nursing, and have been contacted by one of the larger hospitals in my area about a position after graduation. I was able to participate in clinicals at this hospital in my last clinical rotation, and I enjoyed the staff and patients.

    My question-is this a big mistake to consider going into this area right after graduation? I currently work on a small telemetry unit, and have had telemetry training, and am familiar with the frequently used cardiac meds. But, really, how difficult is it to learn the procedures used in CCU? What about the vents, art lines, CVP lines, and gtts used?

    I have spoke with the nurse manager of this CCU, and she told me that she offers all new grads 6 months of this enough?

    If any CCU nurses could give me some insight, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  3. by   Gardengal
    If you're comfortable with telemetry as an LPN and they're offering you 6 months orientation you should be fine! I doubt that you will really feel the need for 6 months. Just tackle each new task one at a time. Good luck
  4. by   MelRN13
    Thanks for the advice.
  5. by   cindyln
    When I was in school and doing clinicals you could not turn around without running into the instructer. Now when students come to my area to do their clinicals there is not an instructer in site. I refuse to follow up behind them. I am not the instructer and not getting paid for it. This causes some flack and makes me look like a jerk to the student and instructer but that instructer needs to be doing her job. Just my opinion though
  6. by   New CCU RN
    I just wanted to encourage you to go for it if CCU is what you want to do. I started in CCU as a new grad and its definitely doable.....esp given the fact that you already have tele experience as an LPN... and six months of orientation def seems adequate...I had four. Good luck to you!!!!
  7. by   MelRN13
    Thanks for all of your help........I'll keep you posted as I approach graduation.

  8. by   nimbex
    been a few days since you've posted but my ccu takes new grads. If CCU is WHAT YOU WANT, we will give you the skills to succeed with classes and orientation and alot of hard work even at home on your part!

    You can do what ever it is you want to do, period!!! 6 months is a very generous orientation, it will give you ample time to learn, grow and succeed! 6 months is rare.

    New grads in my unit succeed with 12 weeks of classes and clinicals so you cAN DO IT IN 6 MONTHS!

    good luck, everyone is naturally hesitant with such a challenge, but don't fear it to the point of not trying, it takes a full year to feel comfortable in any ICU so set realistic goals for yourself
  9. by   MelRN13
    Thanks for your replies and support................I have decided to take this position, I'll keep you updated!
  10. by   zambezi
    i started in ccu as a new grad about six months ago...i had six months of orientation in the unit as a student and three months as an rn..i absolutely love working there...the turnover and pace are fun and the more you work with vents, swans etc the better you feel..just dont be afraid to ask questions or admit you dont know the answer...the unit that i work in has an excellent support system...find some people that you are comfortable working with and use them as your buddy...good luck!!