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...was on a post gastric bypass reversal. Worked with her all night, vitals stable as a rock. Feelin' fine, SaO2 99% on room air, SR 78, BP 120's, tummy soft, minimal pain, minimal serosang... Read More

  1. by   Cardiolyte
    a waking and talking young adult Hbg 1.5 admit to ICU with no bleeds. going for bone Bx....
  2. by   CrabbyPatty
    I received a 42yr old man from ER who had walked in c/o black stools for several days and feeling tired. Hgb of 2. He was more upset that he wasn't allowed OOB to the bathroom or allowed anything to eat than he was knowing that he could be dead. Turned out he was an alcoholic / GI bleed.
  3. by   ahicks
    Lowest Hgb I ever saw was a 5.4. Pt was a GI bleed. Only symptom was some mild SOB.
  4. by   ana78ng
    Hgb 2.1/9.0. Pt who hadn't been to a doctor in 40 years walked into the ER secondary to weakness (I'll bet). Did a cardiac work up, had an EF of 10 - 15%. Infused with multiple PRBCs, diagnosed with suspected colon cancer. Just shows you how gradual anemia can be tolerated.
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  6. by   clementinern
    Many years ago i had a pt who had a HCT of 9!! Yes, the HCT!!! He was a jehovah witness and was refusing blood products. I can't remember what happened to him or what the scenario was.