Lidocaine w/ Epi SQ injections post sheath removal

  1. Hi!
    I was trying to get some additional information (procedure policies) or input on experience of injection of lidocaine w/ Epi SQ post sheath removal. This practice is common with oozy sheath sites. I am trying to put a policy or competency together for a group of cardiologists who tend to give this order. Thanks!
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  3. by   Charge200J
    Ooooo that sounds interesting! I've never seen that used before but it sounds like it would make sense. For the average superficial oozy sheath site (no hematoma) we use quik-clot (hemostatic gauze) + pressure dressing and a variety of fem-stop/sand bags/manual pressure, etc...occasionally for the pt in DIC or systemic bleeding/clotting issues we have the doc just toss in an extra stitch if there is a lot of superficial oozing that is hard to control.