1. I got certified in ACLS. Is there a handy reference that someone could recommend? I have ordered from with good success. Is there anotehr mail order that really stands out?

    Thank you in advance.

    Follow your Bliss.. John Campbell
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  3. by   pegg rn
    just took the renewal class yesterday, and american heart now has the officail acls pocketguide. handy little book. it has all of your drugs, algorythems etc. also has pals in it too. to get a copy, just call your local chapter of american heart association.
  4. by   nightingale
    Thank you for the suggestion! I will contact them....
  5. by   jenadox
    Hey John!

    I have the pocket sized Critical Care reference guide. It has the new guidelines in a handy spiral bound waterproof book. It also has a wealth of other good info in it such as vent modes, IABP waveforms, hemodynamic monitoring info, and the list goes on. The best part is that it was less than $20. I got mine in three days! I ordered it from Good luck!

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