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CCC-NP Waitlist-2013


I wanted to start another thread rather than tying up the other one. :)

So, I figure we can post our stats, and our waitlist number (when we get them) and use this thread to discuss what we can and/or plan to do next.

For me:

  • 89% on TEAS-V
  • 3.6 GPA/NGPA (all my courses are required for the program)
  • B- in A&PI
  • B- in Chemistry
  • The rest of my grades were A/A-
  • I don't know my number on the waitlist yet

I have an A- right now in A&PII, I'm not sure if it will be necessary to take A&PI again to get a better grade.

I suppose I could retake Chemistry. Or take Bio-Chemistry which is often required for a BSN program. A better grade in this would raise my GPA.

I could also retake the TEAS-V to get a higher result as well.

I'm curious how many were admitted off the waitlist last year.

Commence whining and wallowing in self-pity:

I have been nose to the grindstone for the last year and a half. I have been driven by only one purpose and one goal, to get into THIS program. I didn't apply anywhere else. I have already survived one nursing program for 18 months and finished in the top of my class. I have agonized my entire school career over any grade less than an A-.

I have sacrificed time with my children (five of them, ages 17, 15, 11, 10 and 7), I have neglected my fiance, my friends, my extended family, my house and my health. I have been hyperfocused and stressed. I have sacrificed work and therefore money in order to commit more time to studying. I have denied my kids the material things they want.

I promised my children, my friends and my family that ALL of their support and their own sacrifices to help me achieve this goal would be worth it.

Telling all of these people that I love that I didn't get a seat was the worst news I have had to deliver. I feel like I have let them down. I have let myself down. I know it would be easiest to just wait and see what number I am, maybe I will still have a chance. Waiting and seeing is not where my skill set lies. Getting things done. Setting a goal and achieving it. That's what I do. I have never NOT accomplished any goal I have set to accomplish. I am type A and OCD. :yes:

I do the math in my head; 160 seats, 75% by rank 25% by lottery so 120 seats ahead of me by rank, 40 seats ahead of me by lottery. And who knows where I'll end up on the waitlist. Not only am I not in the top, I could very well be at the very bottom. It's really hard for me to swallow this. It makes me question my ability to be a vehicle to get to where I want to go. When I have done my very best, with more effort invested than I ever have, and it's not good enough. It rattles a person's confidence.

The only thing that will make me feel better is establishing and beginning the work of moving toward a new goal, which I am still trying to figure out. I was caught off guard by not considering the idea that I wouldn't get a seat. This is my own fault and I will from here out always have a Plan A, B, C through Z!! :blink:

I've been knocked off-kilter a bit but I'll get back straight again soon enough.

/whining and wallowing in self-pity

If you are still determined to get into the CC program, I would recommend focusing on their pre and co-reqs and getting the best possible grades. If you are re-applying for next year, you really only have this summer and the fall to improve your GPA. Your GPA is strong, so is your TEAS. I bet your A&P I score is holding you back. That is 25% of the rank. If I were in your shoes, and still wanted to get into this program, I would re-take A&PI and Chem between summer and fall semesters. Have you done the computer class? I did it-it was super easy. Excellent way to add another A towards calculating my GPA. I know alot of people like to test out of it. You have english 101, 102, sociology, gen psych, lifespan, sociology, math all done? How about your elective and Micro? I wouldn't waste my time with Bio-Chem yet. The community college only counts what they require, so they wouldn't use it.

I've completed or am in-process with all of the pre and co-requisites except Micro. I planned to take this over the summer. It doesn't make *logical* sense for me to retake A&PI if I have an A- in A&PII. I'll have to ask an advisor if it's necessary. My english was a 6-credit hybrid 101-102 course that my advisor told me would carry more "weight" on my transcript. I got an A in that. Sociology, I will finish this semester with A&PII. I'll have to ask if they would accept a Bio-Chem as the Chemistry requirement. I hate to waste credits KWIM?

I'd basically be cooling my heels for a whole year before I could get going which just kills me. I don't have that kind of time to just wait. I need to be moving toward something. I also hate to be redundant so taking the same courses again just goes against my practical brain. :wacky:

But A&P I is 25% of your rank and counts towards NGPA...A&P II just gets factored into your NGPA with the rest of the classes. A&P I has more weight overall since it is counted two different ways...so by re-taking that 1 class, you are improving your rank 2 different ways! I understand what you are saying about retaking anything though...its a bummer, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet....

I see what you're saying. If I have to take it, I have to take it. What I have to figure out is whether another school will accept me "as is". After I know my number on the wait list I will meet with an advisor and figure out the best, most efficient way to go forward.

If I'm going to go to school for another 2 years to get a 2 year degree, that will mean it took me 5.5 years total to get an ASN. This seems impractical if I can get a BSN in the same time frame.

Just trying to get the most I can in the least amount of time. I'm old. I don't have time for this!! LOL :roflmao: What I wouldn't give to go back to 21 when I graduated LPN school and go right into my RN. I got married and had babies instead.

Babies are great too though!!!! I was 1 year into my pre-reqs at NW, dropped out half way through my 3rd semester. Got pregnant, then married, then bought a house and then got pregnant again, then realized I can't support a family making $15/hr. My husband urged me to go back to school fall semester 2010, but since we have a mortgage and stuff it has taken me this long to be able to get in to the nursing program because I had to keep working. No path is the wrong path, some are just longer than others. If I hadn't dropped out back then, I probably would not have met my husband because I would have been at a different place in my life.

Helena....stop that now! Wait until you get your waitlist #, and then see. Someone mentioned on the other thread that 2 people on the BHSN thread that were accepted to BHSN and GWCC have said they are giving up their seat at GWCC....so that is a start! Also, if you have read through the similar threads from previous years...you will see that they accept people from the waitlist right up until the 1st day of class...so don't give up! I got into Gateway....but can I tell you....I was #57 on GWCC's waitlist last year! So keep the faith....it...is...not...over...yet!!!!

Thanks ladies! Both of you are right on! Babies are AWESOME! I wouldn't change it now that it's done. It all happened the way it was supposed to. I have every faith in that. Like I said, sitting and waiting isn't part of my skill set. Perhaps this is supposed to help me develop it! :lol2:

I won't be able to get my mail today (PO Box) but Monday morning on my way home from work I will stop and check. I hadn't heard that anyone has gotten their letters yet.

Anyway, I heard back from AIC and they are out for my BSN. No credit at all for my LPN and they don't accept any classes taken over the summer semester. So if I were accepted I'd start as a freshman. 4 years to my RN. Umm no. I'm not throwing 3.5 years of education and thousands of dollars down the drain.

I have to keep a full time course load to keep my student loan going. I'll keep my Micro for this summer, since I'll have the kids home during the day and will be less flexible. In the fall I will retake A&PI and keep plugging away at co-requisites for my BSN.

If by some miracle I get into CCC this Fall that would be great, if not, having a backup plan works just as well for me.

One of my friends was waitlisted at NW and she called the admissions office to find out what number she was.

I emailed the admissions office the first day I saw I was waitlisted and he went back and forth with me 4 times but wouldn't tell me what number. He said I'd get a letter in the mail. :sarcastic: It probably would've saved him time and effort to just tell me.

Does anyone know when waitlist letters will be sent?

Motosteph: We will be getting them sometime this week. I got an email from my school saying the link was open and it said people will receive their waitlist number next week (meaning this week because I got the email on Friday).

No waitlist letter yet. : ( Still waiting patiently. Has anyone else received their waitlist letter?

I heard letters were sent today! I'd give it till Thursday for them to start arriving.

Thank you Motosteph for the information. It's good to hear they at least went out. Oh and congrats on being number 10 that is awesome. Other posts have said 10 and below have a great chance. Best of luck to you. ; )

Motosteph, how did you find out your number? I haven't gotten mine yet. I was going to check today. But maybe I'll just wait.

HelenaHandBasket: I had to call the office because I have an appt with an advisor and need to know my number by then so we know what to talk about.

My letter came today. 18 out of 125. :blackeye: Does anyone know how many Capital took from the waitlist last year?