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Ambulatory to ED treatment room at 2am, chief complaint overdose. When asked what the patient took, patient replies "Ritalin... ya know to get me in a chill mood... then Xanax... a lot of Xanax.... then Ambien." Pt asked when he took the meds, pt replies "about two hours ago, except for the Ambien, I took those in the car on the drive over."

...mmmkay, enjoy your chocolate charcoal milkshake.

I love the ED.


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What infuriates me most is that I'm driving on the road with these people. Scary.

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Choco-charcoal.... my FAVE!! Ivanna


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Seriously... Who thinks this stuff up? LOL

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and just when you think you've seen it all. :smokin:

:yeah:Where do these people come from? Everytime I have a patient say something crazy like that i think "who does that?" I cant believe these people are out there hahaha....

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We got an overdose patient in the ICU once. His medical history contained a diagnosis of known etoh abuse going back decades. His roommate brought the guy's home meds to us in a paper lunch sack. Among the contents of that sack were three bottles of benzos, a bottle of Ambien, and a bottle of Viagra--all prescribed by the same doctor. That little brown bag told a sad story.

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The same people who don't just OD on Klonopin ... but crush the Klonopin, mix it with their heroin, and shoot up the whole concoction.