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Casual shifts

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I am just wondering how casual shifts are done at hospitals. I have never worked in a hospital so I am not sure how it works. I am asking because I keep hearing from other nurses that I know that some nurses are getting lots of hours while others are getting shift cancelled on them. I am wondering if in some cases shifts are given out to thoses nurses that others want to work with or maybe politics play a role.


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Does your hospital have a "permanent" float pool? That is, nurses who work out of staffing office with position but no "home" unit. These nurses are in the hospital to fill the gaps caused by vacations, sick calls, leaves. Then all the remaining hours are divided out to part timers who want extra shifts.

The theory is that part timers and casuals (no unit, just pick up where and when, no position) split the available hours. But over the years I've seen casuals get hours over permanent part timers.

Does your contract have the cancellation clause? If you make it into the building to find out you where cancelled they have to pay you four hours, they have to cancel you at least two hours before hand to avoid this.

Keep track of how many times you are cancelled and know your contract.

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It all has to do with unions and collective agreements. My hospital does have a float pool as Fiona described. But then there are also casual nurses who pick up whatever is leftover. I am casual at the hospital and a LTC facility, both of which fall under the same "worksite" and collective agreement. I get called for casual shifts in order of seniority and for which floors/wards I am orientated to. I have never had a shift cancelled on me. If I show up to a shift and for some odd reason, it's been filled by a float pool LPN, I will be sent to whichever floor is heaviest/most over census/needs workload.

All the float LPNs at my hospital are FT positions. So they are guaranteed those hours. As a casual, I am not guaranteed any hours, but can pick and choose when and where I work.


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Very slightly off topic but.......I love our casual staff - they meant that even me, with my low level of seniority, got the July Vacation I needed!!:D


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