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I broke my right fibula last week. To make a long story short I had an anxiety attack d/t itching over the past weekend. I was recasted on Monday with a stockinette layer etc.

Any other nursing interventions that you would suggest are appreciated....Benadryl does have some prophylactic effect as does ice for the anxiety.

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your itching is probably d/t the swelling in the extremity. The swelling should start going down soon. Good Luck

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gl but we cannot give out advice on things with this site. you should really call your PCP for questions. srry


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I'm sorry you broke your fib! How long do you have to wear the cast? The last poster is right--can't give out "medical advice", but I know you know your stuff based on your history on this board and I know that's not really what you're looking for. So, here're my thoughts--talk to your provider about other options, ie, air cast/orthopedic boot. There may be a very good reason you've been plastered *wine in which case, patience will have to be your best friend. But if this is an option, then at least you could allow some air in every once in awhile, or apply lotion. Otherwise, elevation is the only thing that hasn't been mentioned yet. Don't know if it will directly help with the itch, but maybe keeping swelling down will keep your skin from pressing on the inside of the cast. Oh, and keep your leg dry and your toes clean.

The next best thing is to stick a hanger wire down there.

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Hope you feel better soon!


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Believe it or not: rub the other leg where the casted one itches. It works. If the itching is intolerable then there may be a problem and ask your doctor to intervene. Sometimes fiberglas or plaster (if anyone uses it) can crumble down inside and cause trouble.

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