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  1. Hey there!

    I accepted an at home telephonic case manager position with Humana this week. I am really excited for a new phase of my career. Does anyone have any experience with this company/position? I would love some insight and any tips you may have to be successful. I am going to Florida for their week long training August 7th if anyone else will be there.

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  3. by   SuzRN94
    I am actually just getting ready to apply for a position like the one you are starting I will be interested to hear how the training goes How long was the application/hiring process?
  4. by   redheadludi
    It was really fast. I applied and within the next day I had a telephone interview scheduled, within a few days I had a video interview scheduled and that same day was offered the job! Good luck with your job!
  5. by   amazingme
    Congratulations. I'm hoping to make the same transition.
  6. by   redheadludi
    Hey everyone, I just wanted to followup on this post and let everyone know what happened...

    I stayed for all of 19 days. I was originally hired to be a telecommute medicare CM, however once I was flown to Florida for training and the first day down there my whole orientation group was split in half. Half was switched to a totally different position (without our consent, and we didn't get a say) dealing with an autodialer system and NO flexibility as promised when I was hired (as we all were).

    They told us that Humana employees can be moved around to different departments due to "the needs of the company." My entire group was horrified at all the changes that occurred and all of the failed promises. Apparently they had a bad review with CMS and moving all of us to the autodialer system was one of their recovery plans. I would never go back to this company based on my experience. They did not respect RNs in my opinion, but instead treated us as telemarketers.

    They pay and benefits were nice and working from home was nice, but even with those my orientation gropu probably dropped by 10 people in the first few weeks due to frustration with everything. Hope that helps!
  7. by   SnowyJ
    I'm not sure why auto dialer is a bad thing? It does take some getting used to, but I love working from home.
  8. by   limitless-visions
    Hi do you work with humana still please give me feedback
  9. by   txredapple79
    Quote from SnowyJ
    I'm not sure why auto dialer is a bad thing? It does take some getting used to, but I love working from home.
    I personally loved using an Autodialer. It did all the smiling and dialing for me and I only spoke with members when they actually answered the phone.