Need advice from case managers that work from home. Should I take this job?

  1. Hi there! I just got an opportunity to work from home as a case manager. I would have to make some patient visits (around 10 patients a month). I have a 9 month old and was hoping to have a job where I would be able to maximize my time with him. I would have a babysitter to watch him during the day if I were to take this job since it would be impossible to take care of him and work at the same time. But I want to ask those who work at home, is it really as flexible as it sounds? or do you have tons of work and work more than 8 hours a day to catch up?

    I have other options for work which includes working prn on the weekends and doing some clinical teaching twice a week.

    The money is equitable for both. I really want to see my son everyday since it is hard to leave him home but I want to go into the work at home job with the right kind of expectations.

    Any insight would be welcome!

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  3. by   sheilaadkins
    We will also have our RN Clinical Appeals Specialist positions to be more work from home, and are always looking for ASN, BSN RNs to work with our company (HCA Shared Services) in Norcross, GA in this capacity. Of course, we require Interqual and/or Milliman experience. This is a great opportunity, since more companies are opening up Work From Home positions.
  4. by   Marisette
    Hi. I'm not in case management yet, but I've been offered a 9-5 position. However, I am currently employed in a position with so called "flexibility". I would be very cautious about taking this position. You may be able to interrupt your day to take your son to the park, but you may find that you always have work on your mind because you have to get home to complete unfinished business or follow up. I think this type of employer will be flexible for you, but expects you to be flexible also and you may find yourself working at family friendly times, after 5pm, holidays and so on. Personally, I would rather have scheduled hours, so I can leave work and focus on myself or my family and not have to think about work the whole day.
  5. by   Katie82
    I would love to find a work-from-home job in case management. I did case management for a MCO and worked from home 4 days a week. I loved it. You have to be self paced. There was a lot of flexability, although I tended to work more than 8 hours, but my employer was more interested in the amount of work I completed, not the hours I worked. But you will definatly need childcare. I laugh at folks who tell me they would like to work from home so they can spend more time with their children.
  6. by   Rntr
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  7. by   onthego22
    Do you have to live in Georgia for the HCA shared service position or anywhere in the US?
  8. by   Nuts4McCoy
    I am a case manager and work from home. Well, to clarify, I go out and do home visits and then come home and document, call docs/providers, etc. I only have to go into the office once a week and there is no set time as to how long I have to be there. I make my own schedule completely and no one ever checks to make sure I am where I need to be. The main thing is, I GET MY WORK DONE! Those on my team that do not get there work done are watched very closely and required to come into the office or "report" to their supervisor daily.

    I love my job because it is SO flexible.....but you need to be very disciplined about getting the work done. It is very VERY easy to get caught up on phone calls, facebook, TV, etc if you don't be careful. But honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love it.
  9. by   funnygirl_rn2
    So, did you accept the position?
  10. by   snlsmom
    I am a case manager that works at home. I've had this position for over a year. I have school aged children, so the flexibility is fabulous. I really do get to take them and pick them up from school. I can leave at a moment's notice if need be. That flexibility has a price. All of those flexed hours have to be made up and it can feel like work takes up much more of my life than if I left it behind in an office at 5pm. I go back to work after the kids are in bed. There are many times my son comes in and reminds me my work should have ended hours ago. It's also isolating. I can go a week without ever leaving my house and not see another soul outside of my kids and husband. That's not necessarily good. All in all, this works for me right now. Once my kids are out of school I will not work at home!
  11. by   twokidsmom,rn
    I have found that case management is not a 9-5 no matter what agency. I am still doing charting at 9pm after working all day too. Thinking about going back to a hospital so I can leave it at work. I guess case management is a 24/7 type job
  12. by   cdk_bsn
    CM really is all day work and the isolation can be draining. Yes I am at home by 5pm but I can work till 9pm and not really be done with work. For that reason I am contemplating on returning to school and exploring my options. Probably take a defrayed course and then further certs to market myself.
  13. by   techyRN
    so true- I WFH and really enjoy the flexibility but every min I am not working I am stressed as hell, that I have so much to do ....then again my superiors have unrealistic expectations
  14. by   mso819
    I currently work form home and I LOVE it far. the downside is I don't have much of a social life and I don't have many friends. so being in the house all day long.. can really get to a person. My boys are busy with their own life now that they are much older. but other than that, I don't have any qualms about working from home. I am about to start a BSN program, because I have the time to do it now. may as well. but yes! if you get the chance to work from home, one should definitely try it. at least try it for a different work experience. that's my thoughts.