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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   jaybo
    Just scheduled my test date is April 8th!! Wish me luck! Got to keep studying
  2. by   yhl1975
    Good luck jaybo!
  3. by   toinette1953
    Good luck all on your CCM exam in April, I now work for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and all of the ones that went from my place of employment in December, passed.

    Larissa, I sent you some information to your email address, OK?

    Pam J
  4. by   funnygirl_rn2
    Quote from toinette1953
    Good luck all on your CCM exam in April, I now work for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and all of the ones that went from my place of employment in December, passed.

    Larissa, I sent you some information to your email address, OK?

    Pam J
    Pam - What book did your fellow employees use to study from? Also, how many months did some of them prepare, I am currently taking classes towards my BSN and scheduled to take exam in August. Thanks!
  5. by   toinette1953
    Funny Girl,

    The nurses at Blue Cross used all sorts of books, they even scheduled study groups among themselves during the lunch hour, whomever had experience in Workers Comp taught a little of WC, remember this test is not necessarily for your nursing knowledge or experience. Social workers and others are eligible to sit for this exam. There will be long term care, case management in SNFs, insurance, Medicare and Medicaid will be address, home health, psych, along with the psych drugs used for whatever conditions, I took it in 2007, there were items on there about electroconvulsive shock therapy.

    This is what helped me and I do not know the specific names of the books the ladies all used, but I will share with you what I have shared w/ others that helped me tremendously.
    This is a copy of an email I sent to LARISSA telling her of the book that I used that was so comprehensive and a GREAT website that helped me most of all, I purchased 1 week worth of access:

    [FONT=Andalus]I had many books that surrounded me prior to the test, but realized I only needed one that was comprehensive, But I can tell you where to purchase it on Amazon. ALSO, I had access to a website that was my BEST FRIEND, another nurse told me about it and I paid for one week's access to this site, it was comprehensive and it tested me over and over and over again! I immersed myself into this one website for the entire week and had no problems once I got to the testing site. I will give you a link to this valuable website and the info on the book.
    [FONT=Andalus]Here is the link to the website that is awesome, you can purchase a week, two weeks access, even a month!
    [FONT=Andalus]Below this link, I copied and pasted info from there
    Who we are and what we do is a part of Licensure Exams, Inc., a multidisciplinary coalition of professional educators formed to prepare students and working professionals to take the professional exam in Case Manager.

    We like to think of our site as a learning center where students can immerse themselves with practical information that will be invaluable in preparing for the exam or master's comprehensive examinations. Our goal is to develop an interactive website that will facilitate learning and make studying (dare we say!) ... more enjoyable.

    We've all read enough textbooks to last us a lifetime and then some. Our material covers the basics and is presented with humor leaving you with the feeling that you want to try just one more set of questions.

    We've recruited a number of qualified consultants to dig up the information you need to get the ball rolling. So why spend countless hours doing the research, organizing the information, and setting aside the time to do it when we've already done the work for you. The rest is up to you! Just remember that taking the exam is the easiest part; the hardest part is preparing for it.

    We here at decided to make life a little bit easier on students so that they would have more time to effectively manage their studying. We have developed this website with your needs in mind. The website can be accessed from any where and at any time making studying convenient. The information we've put together will bring you confidence going into the exam, and once you've passed the exam and become a Certified Case Manager you'll start to put your professional career in gear. The consultants of would like to wish you the best of luck with your career and we hope that you enjoy the site.

    Please feel free to contact us to offer any comments or suggestions that you may have. We are always looking for ways to make our site even better!

    With friendly greetings,
    [FONT=Andalus]Hope this helps!

  6. by   toinette1953
    Here is another CD that some nurse puchase as well, I am told that it really helped!
    Case Management and Rehabilitation Certifications
    CCMprep V4.I Ind. License-NEW NOW AVAILABLE
    Certified Case Manager Certification Training Software to help candidates prepare for the CCM exam offered by CCMC.

    * Over 1000 questions
    * 6 Main topic areas.

    Individual License


    Product Code: CCM41I nagement%20and%20Rehabilitation%20Certifications
  7. by   funnygirl_rn2
    Toinette - Thanks so much for you helpful replies!! I did go to Amazon and order that book, since the book I have is old (like me :-) ) and most likely not as current as the one you suggested. Someone else told me that they too purchased the same book you recommended. I the Certistep CD is a bit pricey for me, since I am struggling now in this economy (husband is laid off), but the website you recommended is more 'doable' for me. I already checked it out and took the 30 question practice quiz. At least it gives you options whether to purchase 1 days, 1 week, 30 days or more. I will definitely being do that when it gets closer to exam month, since I think it will help me. I don't get test anxiety, I just feel that there are areas that I don't know since we do medical case mgt. I just hope my BSN courses don't interfere with studying for this exam. Again, thanks so much for your reply and helpful tips!!

  8. by   lynnr_98
    I just passed the CCM exam in December and used the Certistep CD. It was quite pricey at $249 but well worth it. After studying all the questions on that CD, I was more than prepared for the test. I actually thought the test was easy and feel that the CD helped immensely. Since I'm now CCM certified and don't need the CD anymore, I'm willing to sell it for a discounted price. If anyone is interested, send me a message.
  9. by   KeriCarter
    Congratulations on passing your exam!
    I might be interested in purchasing the cd's you used. If you like, you can email me with the info on them.
    Thanks, Keri
  10. by   plynne
    I can't figure out how to am I going to pass the exam next week!!!!
  11. by   RBHS1972
    I am new to this site. I am impressed with the responses. I too am looking to go into case management-utilization. I was not sure where to start but these posting have given me a great starting point!
    I have 34 years of experience, 20 + years as a case amanger in home care and hospice, 14 years acute care from ER, ICU to surgical step-down unit.
    I reviewing the posting, is it best to have experience in case management-utilization before taking the exam?
    Your feedback will be appreciated.
  12. by   plynne
    I too have been an RN for 34 yrs, went from ICU to case management in a large teaching hospital. So different from bedside, I am having a hard time studying for the exam because I am so used to clinical and this is so much new info. Take it on the 13th and just keep reading the same info over and over. The real world is very different than the study material for me!
  13. by   plynne
    I have less than one week to exam, so much info, any ideas on what to study on the last push? Everyone says have a good dinner and a glass of wine the night before!