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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   TXRN75
    I have done case mgmt for > 10 yrs. Also did legal nurse consulting & was certified. I am having a horrible time with the certification registration process. 2 of the jobs I've held since 1995 no longer exist & one of my former supervisors has disappeared. My current manager, who is an MSN (no less) is having difficulty w/ putting a job description together that pleases the credentials reviewer. The 1st application ended w/ the reviewer saying that I had not had enough experience (?). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. by   HarryPotter
    Hi all: It was really interesting and informative for me to read through this thread. I am currently enrolled in a Case Management Course through Kaplan University. The CM Handbook is one of our texts. The other one is The CM Survival Guide, which I like very much as it is very understandable.
    From your input, I can see that before I take the test, I will really have to seriously review all the in's and out's related to finance, insurance plans, HMO's, etc. Thanks for all your questions and comments. I will come back to this thread often.
  3. by   mobaby
    I am also enrolled with Kaplan. How are you doing, where are you at, and what do you think about it. I haven't been very motivated lately due to problems, but am interested in what you have to say.
  4. by   Jill129
    I just found out that I failed the CCM exam 10/2007 by 6 points. I will have to take the exam again. April 2008 is the last paper exam. I am wondering if I should wait until October, 2008 for the computer exam?
  5. by   HarryPotter
    Hi Jill and Satchmo-
    Well, I am not doing very well. When I entered their program, I did not realize I needed 4 years of field work to qualify for the test. I do see that Kaplan has a new course on Geriatric Case Management, which I do have experience in. I will be calling Kaplan to see if they will be kind to me and let me switch without any cost to their Geriatric course.
    I also have found that a lot of discipline is required in on-line learning. The day to day stuff gets in my way. No excuses though. I think I would do better in a class room setting.
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  6. by   dria
    Quote from jill129
    i just found out that i failed the ccm exam 10/2007 by 6 points. i will have to take the exam again. april 2008 is the last paper exam. i am wondering if i should wait until october, 2008 for the computer exam?
    sorry to hear that jill...i sat in october, but i haven't gotten my results yet. adding to the aggravation is that the co-worker who tested with me got hers on friday.

    since it's that close, am wondering if you could request that the test be scored by hand....i know that i left the test a bit concerned about some of the erasures on that stupid scan-tron....
  7. by   emeraldga
    Quote from Jill129
    I just found out that I failed the CCM exam 10/2007 by 6 points. I will have to take the exam again. April 2008 is the last paper exam. I am wondering if I should wait until October, 2008 for the computer exam?

    I'm signed up to take the April 2008 exam - this will be the first time for me. Can you give me an idea of what the focus of hte exam was about? Did it have alot of questions about ethics, ADA and Medicare? I think I would probably retake it in April so the information will be fresh on your mind.
    Thanks for advance for the info.
  8. by   dria
    there's a lot of material and a lot of questions, so it's difficult so say know this that and the other.

    i suggest you read this thread from start to finish (in case you haven't already) lots of good info here.

    here's what i did to prepare (and i did end up passing)
    read mullahy's cm guide from cover to cover
    research the various laws and acts posted here via the internet.
    get a book or cd of test questions and start drilling them...look at the results to determine the areas that need more study. then do more questions. it's a good idea to get a couple of cds so that you learn the material, vs memorizing the answers.
    know the glossary posted on the ccmc website. i made flashcards.
    read the cm articles in the nursing spectrum

    good luck!
  9. by   emeraldga
    HELP -- taking the CCM exam on April 26, 2008 - to those who've already taken the exam --- are there calculations on the exam??

    Did anyone use the Linton exam questions on Were they helpful?

  10. by   armywifenurse
    Is there a big difference between the Case Manager's Handbook 2nd Edition vs the 3rd Edition?

    Price wise there is a bit of a difference and I was wondering which edition you all used to study.
  11. by   toinette1953
    I took the exam in October 2007 and passed the first time. Asking about Linton Hutchinson at that is the most awesome program. You can pay for a week or a few days, I paid for a week and it was right on target when I opened up the first exam booklet. If you can do this program, do it! You just have a few more days and it will be worth the expense, I promise you. Also the latest version of the CMSA core curriculum guidelines was helpful, as well. Very helpful

    Good luck to all that are taking it this month.
  12. by   emeraldga
    I sit for the CCM exam tomorrow morning. Wish me luck
  13. by   toinette1953
    I pray you do well. Remember to not waste a lot of time on those you are unsure of, put a mark by them and go on finish - then come back. Take some deep breaths, relax, you know it, look at the question once for the words and the second time interpret the meaning and answer that question. You know you know it! Get some rest tonight and get up early, don't drag a book with you like some that I saw in October, leave it at home. You can do it!