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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   joyhiker1
    Congratulations in passing the test. I go April 15. I wanted to go in the morning but was full so I will be taking my test at 12 noon. I am nervous because I took the test in back of CCM Exam Secrets and what I have studied for weeks did not seem to correlate with the questions. I got alot right but several I missed. I pray I pass. Thanks for the info.
  2. by   tensgrrl
    thanks, you will do fine. With the time you have left to study, I would study psychosocial aspects of cm, negotiation and communication, and the role of the cm. There was very little clinical, very little legislation, a few questions on ethics, a few on ur, liability issues. Really, you have plenty of time to take the test and there is a way to mark the questions so you can come back to them at the end of the test, so skip the ones you want to take more time with and answer the rest.
    What study guides are you using?
  3. by   RNNYC78
    I failed the test in July 2010. I am taking it again on 4/16. I am so scared. Every day i study for three hours and do practice tests with certistep. I was wondering are there any healthcare reform questions on the test?
  4. by   tensgrrl
    Wow, with all that studing you should just breeze through the exam. I do not recall any questions about health care reform.
    Honestly, if was one of the most practice relevant exams I've ever taken. Just take a deep breath, be sure to read every question carefully, and look at each answer. You'll be able to eliminate at least two of the answer options right away. You can also skip any question and come back to it at any time. Really pay attention to the tutorial at the beginning and you can also ask the test center employee to help you with the program mechanics. You have more time that you need.
    With the time you have left, focus on: process and relationships and psycho social intervention. Just my opinion and advice.
    Write me and let me know how you did.
  5. by   RNNYC78
    sorry to bother you agin. I am using the certistep cd and there are many VA benefit questions. Did you see alot of those questions on the test? Last July when i took it i don't remember any, but who knows, maybe i didnt know anything thats why i couldnt remember!
  6. by   tensgrrl
    Hi, there was very little on payor sources, one on medicaid and one on medicare, and I don't recall any other.
  7. by   bling32
    I having lurking in this site for a few weeks now. I took the CCM exam today and PASSED! I used "A Case Managers Study Guide Preparing For Certification" by Denise Fattorusso 3rd edition" to study. But, in my opinion it did not help much. I spent many hours studying and I felt it did not prepare me. The questions on the exam were very general and I never felt that I was absolutely sure of my answers. I will tell you there were a lot of questions on the ADA and HIPAA. There were a few on UR and Medicare. Of all the study questions that I did from the study guide and on the free Dr. Linton, I only recognized one question. There were also a few questions about reporting abuse, and consent. My best advise is to give is to think like a case manager when you answer the questions. Best wishes to all!
  8. by   RNNYC78
    Congulations!!!!!! I know you are going to party tonight.
    I am taking it tomorrow, and i failed once in July. Did you remember any complementary therapy questions and any special programs that are weird and you never heard before? Last time they asked me a question on Yoga and electrical pulsing therapy. Did you see questions on psychosocial issues?
  9. by   bling32
    topics were motivational interviewing, methadone, code of conduct - taping of session between client and case manager and another question, long-term care/payment, part a medicare coverage, definition of disabilty according to ada, definition of tpa, definition of collaberation - very few laws.

    • [font=stone serif]hipaa/state law. does hipaa supersede state laws?
    • [font=stone serif]methadone is treatment for which drug? answers: heroine? cocaine? alcohol,
    • [font=stone serif]what does conflict give in communication? i put it identifies there is a problem that needs resolution.
    • [font=stone serif]when is it okay to tape record an initial assessment? answers: with verbal permission of pt, with written permission of pt, never, .....
    • [font=stone serif]purpose of disease mgt
    • [font=stone serif]pt with chronic illness, a family is taught to care for pt. what will the happen. answers: family member might be isolated, will give force others in family to be involved in care, etc.
    • [font=stone serif]difference between skilled care and subacute. answers: higher patient/nurse ratios, long term placement available, etc
    • [font=stone serif]a couple of questions on culutral competence: what the cm should do in respect t a person's culture
    • [font=stone serif]tbi ( couple of questions) ..... one uses rancho scale
    • [font=stone serif] something about the doctors to use for pt with problems with periphal neuropathy
  10. by   tensgrrl
    You have a good memory, I tried to remember some of the questions ver batum, and I couldn't.
  11. by   RNNYC78
    thanks so much, i will study all day with your ccm tips!!!! I will think like a case manager along the whole test! I hope you get your CCM pin soon!
  12. by   bling32
    Another one:

    • [FONT=Stone Serif]a case manager that receives all types of cases is a ..... Answers: generalist, case care manager,
  13. by   bling32
    How long does it take to get the official results? Is it really taking 4-6 weeks?