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  1. Hot lips and vegas I need your thoughts and anyone who is a case manager and I need it by sometime today so I hope you see this......

    I was offered a job working as a case manager for a company who has the managed medicaid population. The pay stinks but I would not have to work weekends, holidays, nights or oncall and after 16 years of doing that it sounds good to me.

    This company pays you by the number of clients you have. The max you can have is 81. Does 81 seem realistic? Also you can do admissions to the program and they have a flat rate as well......

    Would love to hear your thoughts. I also have an offer to work in a SNF/LTC facility-work 30 paid for 40 with weekends, holidays and no on call. YOur only paid the 40 if you do not call off or are late.

    would love to hear from people today if possible,

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  3. by   renerian
    Oh yes when you admit clients you go to their home and complete I am sure a mountain of paperwork. I am reimbursed mileage, cell phone costs, all office expenses and I work out of my home. They pay my internet fees as well............

  4. by   renerian
    The working out of my home sounds really nice. I have done that before and am disciplined enough to do that.

    You are also required to come to an all day meeting once a month and for that you are paid by the hour. You have to drop off paperwork to the office once a week.

    They also put a phone line in your home..........sorry it took me so long to properly describe the offer................LOL.

  5. by   renerian
    Something else I just remembered. During the interview the manager told me she is trying to get the other care managers to deduct their expenses on their taxes as a home office expense rather than ask the agency to reimburse their expenses ie)postage and things like that. Does anyone else think that is odd or is that the norm for care managers working out of their home?

  6. by   hoolahan are cracking me up this morning!

    I am probably not the greatest person to ask for help with this, but I need you to answer a few questions.

    For the Medicaid case manager, is this for skilled or un-skilled nursing?? In other words are you a PCA Supervisor? If so, please see the long response I gave someone in home health. I wouldn't be so thrilled with that b/c the call-outs can be a nightmare.

    However, in NJ, we have Medicaid case-workers, who are usually MSW's but can be a nurse, who arrange the transportation, arrange for home care to start, arrange for the PCA but not be the direct supervisor. Much different role. So, I am not exactly sure what your role is as a Medicaid case manager in this instance.

    I will say that the work from home sounds great! They wil buy your phone line and internet, even better, get them to get you a cell phone and a fax too!

    Deducting expenses? I don't see a problem with that, more deductions for you, but a long time in coming. If they reimburse expenses, you get reimbursed monthly, so insist on monthly reimbursement, esp if the pay sucks.

    If I were you? I would try the Medicaid job. That job would be harder to come by again, whereas, the nursing home will probably always have a vacancy. Write the nursing home a lovely thank you note, saying how difficult of a choice it was for you, thank them for thier time and consideration, but you had to go with the other offer for "personal reasons." Be sure to say that you would hope to be considered in the future if your personal situation should change. Don't make them feel like their offer wasn't as good, but make it seem like the other one fit your life better, that way if you hate the Mediciad job, you can go in and say, I should have gone with this position, and I hope you will give me another chance.

    But, frankly, if you want to leave your job at the door every day, the nursing home is probably the better one to take, plus, better pay, less hours. But, what about the working conditions? On-call? OT?

    Good luck with your decision. It is a tough call.
  7. by   renerian
    Thanks hoolahan! They will provide me with a cell too. I already have a fax/copier/scanner and two computers. I would be the one to coordinate the home care with an agency. The only visit I would have to do would be the intial evaluation to see what services they need, I would make referrals to them and case manage. No on calls as the supervisors do that. It took me a long time to get that out huh? LOL.

    Thanks so much and your right about the nursing facility jobs will always be there but case manager jobs are harder to come by. In Columbus most places what you to be certified and I am not. I let them know I would be open to testing after I got my feet wet. I understand there is alot of WC on that test......

    Thanks again for your thoughts,

  8. by   hoolahan
    It sounds sweet Renerian, I would definitely take the CM job then. Good Luck!!
  9. by   renerian
    Thanks hoolahan..................

  10. by   LasVegasRN
    I completely agree with Hoolahan's post. The other thing that would concern me greatly is having to build up your own client base - did I get that right? It sounded as if you have to maintain your own client base and you cannot have over 81. I'd get a little more clarification on that. Other than that, I agree it is definitely worth a shot.
  11. by   renerian
    I took it Vegas! So glad you saw my post to you. I am taking over a caseload from another CM who resigned and I have 65 clients... will be tough in the beginning not knowing anyone but that will come in time. Only have to see the clients one every six months so if I time it right I won't be doing these drives out in the ice and snowstorms. Bad for ice here in Columbus.

    I start a week from MOnday......

    Thanks for responding....

  12. by   globalRN
    I'm glad to hear your good news, Renerian!
    I just read this thread and wish you the best in your new job
  13. by   renerian
    Thanks Global for the congrats!