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Does anyone know how i can become a case manager as an LPN? Do i have to be an RN? any help and guidence would be greatly apprceated. :heartbeat

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all the case managers i know are RN's. I am sure others can give you more insight. hope your holidays are happy !!

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I'm a Worker's Comp liaison and I know of one LPN who is a case manager for a major insurance company. Not sure how she got in the position though...but it does mean that it's possible for an LPN to be a case manager.

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I worked for many years as a case manager for a major insurance company. All of the nurses I knew in case management were RNs. That wouldn't mean you couldn't work as one; I think it was just the industry standard. Insurance companies make their own rules as to what qualifications they want.


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Depending upon the Nurse Practice Act in the state you are working, an LPN may legally be able to be a case manager. Usually companies will only hire RN's for the positions. I have heard of LPN's being case managers for group homes.

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