Carrington College (formerly Western Career College) or Unitek???

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If there is anyone out there that is a current student or graduate of Carrington College (formerly Western Career College) in sacaramento OR Unitek College in fremont, your input would be VERY HELPFUL.

I've applied for the 8 month LVN to RN programs at both schools which start this OCT/2010. I'm having a difficult time deciding which school to choose! Year after year of being on waitlists for the RN programs at junior colleges, I've grown despondent. It has come down now to these two schools. I live in the san francisco area w/my husband and would be staying away at a relative's place in sacramento if I went to Carrington. I would be commuting about 40 mins to 1 hour if I went to Unitek. I've done some research online and have seen some good and some terrible reviews. I don't know anyone who was/is a student at either school. :confused:

Can someone out there PLEASE let me know, honestly what their experiences have been? It would help me so much to make such a big decision...I want to make the right decision.

If anyone could help I would be so grateful.

THANK YOU :redbeathe

I am going to Carrington College right now in sacramento and I think its great. As of now, Im going for the Medical Assisting Program but after I am done with that in February 2011 I am going to go into the LVN to RN program. The teachers are great and ive always had all my questions answered by the representative. The bad reviews you have heard are probably from people that slack off honestly. my sister and my best friend went there too and they both loved it. You cant miss school and you have to be on top of everything. It's not like community college where it doesnt matter if you have absences. you have to be dedicated. missing a day of school can get you behind so like I said you have to be on top of it! I hope this helped. If you have any questions just message me or email me at [email protected] :)

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Hi bunny88,

I'm also debating which school is better for me for the LVN-RN program. Carrington( formerly known as WCC) is closer to me, since I live in Stockton. However, I just spoke to someone who just graduated last May and she told me she wasn't happy with her clinical experience, because they only did their clinical rotations at the VA hospital most of the time(i.e. no intersive care.. etc) . I am also considering Unitek College in Fremont, and yes, I have done my homework lol. I spoke to someone also who just graduated from there and passed here boards. She did tell me that she had a really good experience with them- theory and clinical wise, but I just checked their current pass rate on BRN website and it's in the low 60's(%). I don't really know at this time. I may just wait another year to get in at any CC. Sorry, this is pretty long, but hope this helps.

I know my class went through changes while I was at Unitek but all the changes were positive. We had some very good teachers, they even did the tutoring themselves to help us be successful. We also had tutors available for every exam. I must say, I had my doubts for a while but my last two semesters where very positive and I have passed the N-Clex just like all of my classmates. There is only 1 student remaining to take the state board for my VN class, all of us have passed the board with the guidance given by Unitek instructors and new director. I signed up for the fast program and I was done and now looking for work as an LVN. If you want to be an LVN quickly and have great assistance from a school, you should try Unitek, the new director has made great improvements to the program :clown:

I am getting ready to start the program in Sept, I am very nervous it was a lot of money and I have read many pros and cons. I guess it is what it is, and I will go with the positive...

Good for you BostonsGirl, i have a friend that is in semester 3 and she said she just had another great experience, I guess they are doing more simulations with their new manikins and she just did a pediatric simulation and learned a lot from it. Just remember, this is a very fast program and social life will be gone for a while.

:nurse: This will be you in 1 year from now!

I am a student at Carrington and I love it! I was kind of worried about the bad reviews as well, but most of it is from students who probably failed! Everyone is really nice and the teachers are so helpful. I would highly recommend Carrington even though it is on the pricey least we will be done faster :)

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