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  1. BostonsGirl77

    Looking into Unitek College for LVN program

    That is a major blessing. :) I thought about sitting in on the classes, but I am finishing things up at work. So I can't wait either, very excited to get going. My husband and I are going to commute for the time being so that will help. Well good luck I am sure you will do great and I look forward to meeting you. My name is Tish.
  2. BostonsGirl77

    Looking into Unitek College for LVN program

    Yes I am starting in Sept at the Sac campus. I am nervous but I did the MA course at WCC in 06. I worked a fulltime job, took care of 3 kids and still drove 80 miles there and back for 11 months. So I am pretty sure this will work too. I want it so much. I weighed the JC vs Private colleges and the answer was always the same. Unitek was the answer. Where are you located?
  3. I am getting ready to start the program in Sept, I am very nervous it was a lot of money and I have read many pros and cons. I guess it is what it is, and I will go with the positive...
  4. BostonsGirl77

    Looking into Unitek College for LVN program

    I am starting in Sept, so nervous but I think I will do fine. Or I hope so anyway... Any other suggestions? I am so excited and they said this next class has fantastic teachers. Any pointers?
  5. BostonsGirl77

    Unitek College LVN program... good or Bad??

    So I am taking the exam on Friday for the Sac campus, and truly I am torn. But I know how much I would spend in time and money waiting for a CC cause I have many friends who have done it. I have all but 3 classes before I can apply but micro takes forever to get into, so another year or so. I am ready to get my nursing license. I have been a lead MA for 5 years and I am ready to advance. Any positive comments to help me make the right decision? I attended WCC for my MA and though expensive I did learn a lot. HELP:yawn: