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  1. I just got done taking mine an hour ago and did the PVT and got the good pop up! I'm hoping it works!!!!
  2. kelsey410

    app for nclex-pn

    there are 3 lippincott apps that are FREE for nclex-pn review! :yeah:theres one for fundamentals, health assessment, and med-surg! just search in your app store for lippincott and they should come up!
  3. kelsey410

    Need help with a care plan

    thank you mattmrn2013!!! thats exactly the help that i was looking for! :)
  4. kelsey410

    Need help with a care plan

    ya i have to have a related to as well....
  5. kelsey410

    Need help with a care plan

    I am in my 1st term of nursing school and we got assigned to do a nursing care plan. My assignment is for risk for falls r/t (i have to pick one) for a patient who had a cva and hemiparesis. I dont even know where to begin with the outcomes and interventions, there are so many that it is confusing me even more! Appreciate any suggestions :)
  6. I am a student at Carrington and I love it! I was kind of worried about the bad reviews as well, but most of it is from students who probably failed! Everyone is really nice and the teachers are so helpful. I would highly recommend Carrington even though it is on the pricey side...at least we will be done faster :)
  7. kelsey410

    Do you really need a rolling backpack?

    I started 3 weeks ago and the first 2 weeks i was using a regular backpack. my back was KILLING me!!! Now that i am using a rolling backpack, life is SO much easier! especially when you have to carry 4 or 5 heavy books everyday...plus your binders/notebooks!
  8. kelsey410

    Starting August 2011

    I am starting in August as well! I feel like time is going by so slow because I cant wait to start the program!
  9. people tell me the same thing I'm starting my LVN program in August and I am so excited! who cares what people think and most likely the people that tell you that dont even know your situation! good luck!! :)
  10. kelsey410

    Cost of LPN school these days?

    Might be expensive now, but when I start working, I will make good $$$! :)
  11. kelsey410

    Cost of LPN school these days?

    I think I win :) Mine is $44k and that is including EVERTHING for the 16 month program....but it is expected as I live in the Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA. Argh! So expensive but it will totally be worth it! I start my program in August.